Incorrect Size when Printed

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Relatively new to Scribus.  Just created an 8 page magazine. 11 X 17 folded over. I used bookbinder to create the booklet from the scribus generated pdfs.  The output looked fine in Adobe Reader, but did not print correctly. The printed pages were smaller than the 11 x 17 paper. It did not look professional and I am very unhappy and need to know how to fix this.

Help greatly appreciated.



Firsts you have to define the page size in the document setup or options. Then add a bleed margin if necessary. If you print to PDF and everything looks ok in Adobe Reader, the document is correct. I assume that you have printed your document to an inkjet printer. In this case the printer driver reduces the format/page size to fit the pre defined page options (margins). Thus the output will be reduced in size, and - depending on the printer driver - the text and/or images could look a bit jaggy. Try to use a bleed format for the printer if it features this option and set the print to 100%, not fit page or fill page or whatever is in the presets.