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Title: Lines thicker on version 1.5.0
Post by: bmentink on May 07, 2013, 10:04:18 pm
Hi Guys,

I love the new features in the SVN build of 1.5.0, so have imported my old 1.4.1 project into the new version.

Everything is fine except one thing ... I notice that all vector lines including font characters are much thicker than in 1.4.1, to the extent that
some smaller characters of text are touching and everything looks very dark ...

When I ported the project I notice that all preferences were lost, so had to re-instate them by comparing what I had set in 1.4.1.
Is there some setting I may have missed .... it's strange that it is both font line thickness as well as all vector lines that are thicker ..
It's almost like some DPI setting is wrong and resolution is low ..

Any idea's much appreciated ..

Title: Re: Lines thicker on version 1.5.0
Post by: bmentink on May 09, 2013, 09:55:17 am
Is there some part of the forum I should be reporting 1.5.0.issues?
Title: Re: Lines thicker on version 1.5.0
Post by: GarryP on May 09, 2013, 02:53:32 pm
Bernie, you can report problems with any Scribus version in the Mantis Issue Tracker but you'll need to signup for an account - which is easy to do. (A quick search for "thick lines" didn't show any outstanding issues but that's no guarantee that no-one else has the same problem.)

Before you do that though, try resetting the preferences back to the defaults by using the "Defaults" button on the Preferences dialog. I know you'll need to go back and alter stuff again but it might fix other issues you could have in the future too.

Remember, 1.5.0svn isn't a production release and you can't open documents saved by it in previous versions. So if you come to an unsurmountable problem with 1.5.0svn you can't just go back to 1.4.x without having to re-do the document.

P.S. I've got 1.5.0svn installed on my Mac - along with 1.4.2 - and I've not noticed any issues with thick lines though there was a problem with keyboard shortcuts which was fixed by this kind of reset.
Title: Re: Lines thicker on version 1.5.0
Post by: bmentink on May 10, 2013, 07:24:16 am
Thanks Garry .. :D

I will try the re-setting thing ..

Regarding 1.5.0svn not being production, I presume that documents created in it will still be able to be opened in the production release ..
I do want to standardize on 1.5.0 ... I accept that some things will be broken ..

..But so far I havn't seen anything that is a deal breaker ..

Title: Re: Lines thicker on version 1.5.0
Post by: GarryP on May 10, 2013, 04:54:38 pm
While I wouldn't want to put words in the developers' mouths, I don't think you can assume that documents created with the current 1.5.0svn will work with 1.5.0 when it is released.

Features may be added/changed/removed between now and release and I don't know how Scribus handles stuff in documents that it doesn't know how to handle. Does it just ignore them and try its best, or does it refuse to load the document entirely just in case? I have no idea. Developers: can anyone give a better explanation? I'm sure I'm not the only one who is interested in this stuff.

So, anyway, you pays your money - or not, in the case of Scribus! - and you takes your chance.

P.S. From what I've seen of 1.5.0svn it looks stable enough for me and the new features look really great so I don't blame you for wanting to stick with it. I think the new stuff will bring a lot more people over to Scribus.
Title: Re: Lines thicker on version 1.5.0
Post by: Nermander on May 10, 2013, 05:46:58 pm
Most likely the final version will be able to open files created by the development version. But it can't be guaranteed. So you should keep all content in external formats to be able to recreate everything in the final version.

There is usually the recommendation to NOT upgrade when you are working on an important project. When the project has been finished you can try to upgrade, but things might break.

Or heal! (One version of Scribus had incorrect line spacing. This was corrected in the next version, which led to a lot of people complaining that the linespacing was broken in the new version. But it wasn't, it was broken in the previous version, and fixed in the new version. But everybody who upgraded nevertheless had to correct their files.)