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Title: Is there possibility to use scribus module in python outside Scribus?
Post by: wasyl on October 27, 2014, 03:30:44 pm

I would like to generate pdf files using Scribus and python scripting. I have been looking around and have found just examples of python scripts using scribus module within Scirbus. And commentary in these scripts, that

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"This Python script is written for the Scribus scripting interface.
It can only be run from within Scribus."

When I am using command

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import scribus
In python, an error occurs ImportError: No module named 'scribus'. But when I am using this command within python console in Scribus, everything is ok and I can use this module. So, Where can I found this module?

Or can I run Scribus with input parametr as python script? Something like

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I am using both linux and windows, so solution in one of these os will be great.

Python [3.3.2] & Scribus [1.4.3] (

Thank you.