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Title: Good Everyday Colour Set
Post by: Gloucesterkiwi on September 08, 2014, 07:40:45 pm
Hi, can someone recommend a good everyday colour set for me to use to create newsletters?
Thanks, Alex
Title: Re: Good Everyday Colour Set
Post by: GarryP on September 09, 2014, 02:43:54 pm
Hi Alex.

Well, that's one heck of a question, and where to start…?

I think the first question I have for you would be: "How are your readers going to get your newsletters?".

By this I mean, will the newsletters be digital-only - download/email/etc. - or will they be printed?

If you don't expect them to be printed then your colour choices are almost infinite but there are various recommendations which I - and many other people - could give.

On the other hand, if you expect the newsletters to be printed, then you need to think about the method of printing and the related printing costs/issues.

For instance, If someone will be printing on home/office inkjet/laser printers you might want to limit your colour choices to light - pastel - colours which use components of more than one of the colours the printer uses to print. This way you keep the use of colour to a minimum - keeping costs down - while not using much more of one colour than others. Example: If you have an inkjet cartridge that contains all of the colours, and you have a heavy use of just one colour, then you run the risk of going through colour cartridges at fair old rate while at the same time wasting the other unused colours (unless you're refilling your cartridges).

If your newsletters will be printed professionally then your choice of colours will be far greater than home printing but you're probably better off asking your print shop if they have any limitations before you start. It probably won't be a problem but it's worth talking about it with them first just in case. For instance, they might have an issue if you want everything in big blocks of just one colour. (They might also have some recommendations.)

Also you need to think about whether you think your newsletters will be photocopied. Some photocopiers are very old and won't handle light colours and/or photos well. This might not be an issue for you but it's worth thinking about.

Anyway, once you know how your readers will get your newsletters you'll be in a better situation to look at your colour choices. Just get back in touch when you know, or if you need more info.

Title: Re: Good Everyday Colour Set
Post by: pierpiotr on September 28, 2014, 02:58:16 pm
You may find this useful :
Fun to use too.
Title: Re: Good Everyday Colour Set
Post by: utnik on September 28, 2014, 09:16:37 pm
You may find this useful : (

you'll find a similar tool within scribus. ('windows' → 'color wheel')