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Free discussion / Re: I wonder if improving cont...
Last post by MrB - June 07, 2023, 09:36:21 PM
Gitlab and Github are not located in the EU, which we find unfortunate due to software patent law issues.
So we'd have to self-host git, which we can, but time available is spent on code. We're preparing 1.6.0, as well as spending a good amount of time on 1.7.0 (indigo ui integration with the author, and at the moment, working out podofo 0.10.0 compatibility).
SVN is super easy... you only need 2-3 commands, but yes, its less well known these days.
As for chat, we use IRC... but could consider other things. I started to set up Discord, but got distracted by code instead. Someone to maintain those other things would be great for the project too!
Free discussion / Re: I wonder if improving cont...
Last post by AdmFubar - June 07, 2023, 08:47:57 PM
Adobe prolly feels threatened from from the project when their stock tanked last year. Trying to spread a lil fear that the high quality  free competitor is dead. I've seen this type of hype done before against other types of free software. Dont get taken in by marketing from the competition.
Free discussion / Re: I wonder if improving cont...
Last post by a.l.e - June 07, 2023, 06:24:28 PM
hi nathan

i can only agree with the core message in your post.

i just want to add some additional information:

- there is a gitlab mirror of the scribus code (
- there is a github mirror of the scribus code (
- both can easily be found with a search engine.
- if a community grows around them, the gitlab mirror could be used for reviewing patches (but you should not expect reviews from the team for now)
- you can join the irc channel with the irc to matrix bridge (works in element)
- there is a (mostly dormant; not official) scribus matrix channel

voilà, if people want to do things there are ways... of course, it needs somebody crazy enough to start the fire : - ) (without burning their fingers...)
Free discussion / Re: Provocative question: Bett...
Last post by NathanUp - June 07, 2023, 04:56:12 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by "into modern shape." Scribus is light-years ahead in terms of professional features for desktop publishing / typesetting. Styles, text-flow UX, master pages, color management, press-ready PDF output, et cetera. Yes, the UX needs a little love, performance and vector support could be improved, but it is absolutely suitable for professional work at this very moment.

Inkscape is designed to be an SVG editor, implementing the SVG spec in its output, so if a certain feature isn't in that spec, it either can't be implemented in Inkscape, or it has to be somehow hacked into an SVG file in a way that both preserves editability in Inkscape, and renders correctly in any other application that displays SVGs. The SVG spec is not designed to be a document format; it's designed to be a vector graphics format for the web. Scribus, on the other hand, outputs XML for working files, allowing infinite flexibility for current and future features without being chained to any other specification, let alone one like SVG, which has such a narrow use case. Of course, I'm not saying it couldn't be done; I am saying that it would be difficult and would likely not be feature complete compared to Scribus unless / until the SVG spec adapted, or Inkscape abandoned the format, which seems unlikely.

Inkscape is a stunning vector editor, but it really isn't suited to do Scribus' job, nor is it likely to be in future. Also, it uses GTK - gross.
Free discussion / I wonder if improving contribu...
Last post by NathanUp - June 07, 2023, 04:34:58 PM
Reading this interview from LibreArts with some of the Inkscape team has me thinking - they mention that switching comms to RocketChat (although I personally prefer Matrix, which a lot of KDE projects use) and moving to GitLab were major factors in attracting and retaining new contributors. I do web development, but I have no idea how to use SVN - I have a feeling that there are people who would like to contribute but are just too intimidated by the old-school workflow and comms. Switching to a more publicly accessible and user-friendly communication platform would also likely quell some of the incessant "is Scribus dead?" posts all over the internet as people could see that things are happening more easily.

I only mention this because I love Scribus; it's a tremendously important part of the FLOSS graphic design landscape, and I'm so scared that it will disappear if either of the contributors can no longer work on the project.
Scripts and Plugins / Re: Script para Índice remissi...
Last post by a.l.e - June 07, 2023, 08:37:44 AM
hi lucas

i'm the author of , a python script for creating a table of content based on the document styles.

i would be interested in working on a script for creating an index.

would it possible for you to share with me a .sla (i only need the .sla not the images or the fonts) that i can use as the sample?
i think that it would help, to have a real life example and being able to iterate with you to improve the result.
Scripts and Plugins / Script para Índice remissivo n...
Last post by lucasnwd - June 06, 2023, 10:14:59 PM

Trabalho diagramando livros de filosofia e meu trabalho me exige criar um indice com as palavras mais frequentes do livro, indicando em quais páginas ela aparecem (um índice remissivo). Desta forma, eu fiz um script simples de Python para encontrar essas palavras de forma um pouco mais automática.

Eu ainda não sei como fazer o script, aceitar várias entradas de uma vez (eu não sei quase nada de Python), mas ele já ajuda bastante.

Para usar:
1 - selecione a caixa de texto na qual quer pesquisar as palavras.
2- abra o console e cole o seguinte código, substituindo "psicologia" pela palavra de sua escolha:
import scribus

word = "psicologia"
occurrence_pages = []

for page_num in range(scribus.pageCount()):
    scribus.gotoPage(page_num + 1)
    for item in scribus.getAllObjects():
        if scribus.getObjectType(item) == "TextFrame":
            if scribus.getTextLength(item) > 0:
                text = scribus.getText(item)
                if word in text:
                    occurrence_pages.append(page_num + 1)

print(f"{word}: {', '.join(map(str, occurrence_pages))}")
3 - Pressione F9 para executar o código e ele retornará a palavra e em quais paginas ela aparece.

Quem souber mais sobre Python e quiser criar uma interface, ou aprimorar o código para recerber diversas entradas ao mesmo tempo e já escrevê-las em uma caixa de texto na última página do arquivo, por exemplo, ajudaria muito a facilitar o trabalho dos diversos diagramadores e acadêmicos que usam o Scribus.


I work designing philosophy books and my job requires me to create an index with the most frequent words in the book, indicating which pages they appear on (an index). So, I made a simple Python script to find these words a little more automatically.

I still don't know how to make the script accept multiple inputs at once (I know almost nothing about Python), but it already helps a lot.

To use:
1 - select the text box in which you want to search for the words.
2- open the console and paste the following code, replacing "psychology" with the word of your choice:
import scribus

occurrence_pages = []

for page_num in range(scribus.pageCount()):
     scribus.gotoPage(page_num + 1)
     for item in scribus.getAllObjects():
         if scribus.getObjectType(item) == "TextFrame":
             if scribus.getTextLength(item) > 0:
                 text = scribus.getText(item)
                 if word in text:
                     occurrence_pages.append(page_num + 1)

print(f"{word}: {', '.join(map(str, occurrence_pages))}")
3 - Press F9 to run the code and it will return the word and which pages it appears on.

Anyone who knows more about Python and wants to create an interface, or improve the code to receive several inputs at the same time and already write them in a text box on the last page of the file, for example, would help a lot to facilitate the work of the various diagrammers and academics who use Scribus.
User Interface / Re: a little suggestion
Last post by a.l.e - June 06, 2023, 08:12:56 AM
Welcome to Scribus!

Quote from: artweave on June 05, 2023, 07:07:04 PMCan't we collect Item>duplicate and transform on the distribute and align panel in the window menu

Sorry, I don't get what's the request here... You'd like one single dialog for all three? You'd like to see all of them moved to the Window menu?

In the second case, yes, the Scribus menus are probably not optimally structured: sometimes the systematic is based on the way a document is structured and sometimes it follows the code structure.

Sadly, I don't see a change coming soon in that field...

Quote from: artweave on June 05, 2023, 07:07:04 PMelement that I often used was the shortcut opening a dialog allowing me to type a page number to go there.

Yes, there should be a way to go to a specific page by number (or, better, both by index and by number...).

Can you please fill a ticket in ?

Quote from: artweave on June 05, 2023, 07:07:04 PMregarding the import of bitmap photos, plan to accept the AVIF format in scribus?

Personally, I'm not really fond of multiplying the number of (non mainstream) formats supported by Scribus.
The main issue being that, at the end, if the format cannot be embedded as is in a PDF, Scribus will need to perform a conversion to a common lossless or lossy format and what will be sent to the print shop is not what you see on screen.
(And I did not find any evidence that PDF would support AVIF pictures...)

Thanks for your feedback!
Text and Typography / Re: Fonts unavailable in 1.5.8...
Last post by PatJr - June 05, 2023, 08:19:37 PM
not an answer here
maybe try a flatpak version or native repo install

I have seen issues with the appimage versions and having to rebuild your font cache
Text and Typography / Fonts unavailable in 1.5.8 app...
Last post by BobT53 - June 05, 2023, 07:18:10 PM
Been using Scribus 1.4.8 with no problems, just now run up 1.5.8 appimage and found that most of a commercially purchased family of otf fonts which I have been using without issues in 1.4.8 are either not available at all or have been incorrectly substituted in 1.5.8. Attd Screenshot-6 shows the font listing from 1.4.8, -3 from 1.5.8 where most of the Berthold Akzidence Grotesk family are either missing or misdirected. It doesn't seem possible to edit the incorrect filepaths, at least through the font preferences page, and setting the correct font path as 'additional' has no apparent effect. As the image shows, the single font in this group which does appear to be available normally in 1.5.8 (BAG Light) happens to have a duplicate of the file in a different (home) directory.
System is MX Linux 19, 64 bit. Been using these fonts for years in Scribus /    nkscape / LibreOffice etc without issues.
Any thoughts on what is happening and how to fix it gratefully received.