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MacOS / Scribus15xNightly 20210824-r24700
« Last post by toyotadesigner on August 29, 2021, 09:51:54 am »
Installed the new nightly yesterday. The object snapping to guides, margins, etc. improved considerably.

In addition, this version is a lot more responsive and a tad faster. Already made a new promotional piece with it, will have it printed next week.

A big thank you to the developers for this improvement!
General Discussion / Re: Can Scribus Create a Booklet?
« Last post by toyotadesigner on August 28, 2021, 01:42:04 pm »
Hm, for what reason do you want to create the booklet yourself?

In most cases, a print shop uses a special software to re-arrange the pages, which relates to the size/format of the paper sheets and the direction of the paper running direction (important for folding the paper in the following process).

In short words: If you want to have your booklet printed professionally (even with digital printing), you can deliver a PDF with single pages (not! double sided), they will feed it into the software an in less than a minute they can print the document, fold and cut the booklet to the desired dimensions.

If you want to print a booklet on your home printer and have a Mac, there is a PDF sorter that does exactly this for paper sizes up to DIN A4 or US Letter size. One of the many options is available here: If you are not on a Mac, I have no idea how to handle this.
PDF Generation / Re: Master page content missing in PDF export
« Last post by SDon on August 28, 2021, 11:52:52 am »
Thanks a lot, Rob,

That worked. I had the 'Clip to Printer Margin' checked, and the master page contents were outside the top margin. Thank you for pointing it out. I was thinking in terms of a missing layer. I should have asked you half a day earlier.

Beginner Talk / Re: creating visiting-card
« Last post by Eos on August 28, 2021, 10:46:44 am »
Thanks Rodney as well (i think our last messages crossed). I hope to get it clear this weekend.
General Discussion / Re: Can Scribus Create a Booklet?
« Last post by Nermander on August 28, 2021, 09:51:07 am »
As far as I know every PDF viewer has the ability to print a booklet. And Scribus can create a PDF.
General Discussion / Re: Can Scribus Create a Booklet?
« Last post by utnik on August 28, 2021, 09:48:14 am »
hi mike

if you're use to work with id, it shouldn't be too hard to create booklet with scribus. there are templates out there, but i never saw something prepared exactly to my needs. for a simple booklet i would always create my own file from scratch.
if you need a manual for scribus, take a look at 'floss manuals'.

Tutorials, Tips and How-Tos / Re: Printing A5 booklet onto A4 sheets...
« Last post by utnik on August 28, 2021, 09:30:21 am »
…it was easy to print an A5 booklet onto A4 sheets, because PageMaker could provide the right sequence of pages.

impositioning is not really the job of a layout program. but if it's only about reordering the pages to get simple printer spreads, i use either the 'booklet printing' function of a .pdf reader or 'jpdftweak'.

…I have written a little “program” that does that. It is to be found on Github, under “Scribus_to_Print”.

github says 'this repository is empty'.

Text and Typography / Re: Text error when paste from pdf
« Last post by fulgore on August 28, 2021, 03:35:26 am »
The PDF probably has ligatures, and I bet Word and Libre Office can't handle them correectly.

Thank you. Your feedback made me save a lot of time. I disabled the ligature on the font, and worked!
General Discussion / Can Scribus Create a Booklet?
« Last post by HikinMike on August 28, 2021, 02:25:56 am »
Previously I used InDesign, but I don't have access anymore so, I'm learning Scribus. Is there a template or a tutorial or something so I can create a booklet or am I out of luck.
PDF Generation / Re: Master page content missing in PDF export
« Last post by RobSay on August 28, 2021, 02:23:04 am »
When you export as PDF - the option for 'Clip to Printer Margins' is selected - deselect this checkbox and generate.

FYI - this is how I identified this:
  • I took your SLA file, hit export to PDF and got the same output as you (none of the page furniture from your master page) = not your system
  • exported the SLA as an image ... and the page furniture appears = not a master page issue
  • I then edited the master page and slapped a big "Hello World" in the middle of the page, exported to PDF - the new content on the master page *did* appear = an issue with position on the page and/or how it is exported
  • looked at PDF export options for anything that might lead to cropping or page size modification = clip to printer margins


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