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Beginner Talk / Bad quality image when importi...
Last post by madnz - November 20, 2023, 02:29:08 PM

New to Scribus. Probably I am doing something wrong and I hope the community can help.

I am importing (drag and drop) a png file into Scribus. The png is an export from a svg file I created in Inkscape. Why the png is in the Scribus page, it gets very pixelated: if I open the same image with Photos or Paint the image is ok. The export is at 96 dpi. I tried to export at a bigger dpi (1200) but, when I drag and drop the image in Scribus, I got a very tiny pixelated image, totally unusable (Photos and Paint both show an super high quality image).

I tried to import the svg file but it is a Inkscape svg file and when in the Scribus page it is all dark and blue, totally unusable. If I could import the Inkscape svg file I would solve the problem.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Beginner Talk / Re: Problems with footnotes
Last post by a.l.e - November 20, 2023, 08:02:22 AM
footnotes are still an experimental feature in scribus...

use at your own risk.
Beginner Talk / Re: My Scribus seems to be lim...
Last post by Bill-in-Ky - November 20, 2023, 01:50:58 AM
   Thanks for the info.  I used the link to see what it brought up.  All that stuff is rather technical.  I don't get into that.  Thanks anyway.

   I had opened my original photos in Photoshop Elements and then edited as needed, and then saved them as Tiff files, at 300 ppi.  Later, when I wanted to use Jpeg images instead of Tiff, I put all those Tiff images back into Photoshop Elements, one at a time, and then saved them as Jpeg images.  I don't know if that caused a problem or not.  They became Jpeg images with a smaller file size, and I used those, then had the huge PDF file size, which cancelled the presumed benefit of using Jpegs.  I'll most likely stick with Tiff images.  Scribus will probably choke after 177 pages or somewhere around that.  I'm going to try a newer version and see if that is any better. 
Beginner Talk / Re: Problems with footnotes
Last post by Erik96 - November 19, 2023, 11:33:20 PM
Just an update. Now I tried to insert on another page  a second footnote, it is simply impossible. I tried the trick I used before to move the text frame, it is simply impossible to insert a second footnote.
Beginner Talk / Problems with footnotes
Last post by Erik96 - November 19, 2023, 10:06:10 PM
Dear All,
I have seen that there are already postings regarding footnotes, but these are old and mostly addressing different issues. I noticed, that the footnotes sometimes work and sometimes not. I am using Scribus 1.5.8. Sometimes the second or third footnote is not visible when it get inserted, therefore it is not possible to write the footnote. It is necessary so resize the textframe to get the footnote visible. this however disturbs then the layout of the pages. The footnotes should be connected automatically to the textframe and update also automatically. When I change the dimension of the textframe I disturb the automatic update of this textframe. Is there any workaround in order to get footnotes working ? A second question, per default the footnotes are in short distance to the textframe and are not separated by a horizontal line. Is there any possibility to configure this ?
Thank you very much for any tip,
kindest regards
Beginner Talk / Re: Several page variations in...
Last post by lfpjdop9 - November 19, 2023, 06:53:20 PM
Thank you, using layers (with descriptive names) to create variations on a page works for me.
Beginner Talk / Re: My Scribus seems to be lim...
Last post by Nermander - November 19, 2023, 11:16:07 AM
The PDF format is limited in the types of images that can be embedded.

Re-encoding or re-compressing images may in some cases increase the size. Especially if you have a JPEG that is compressed hard and you re-compress it to a lower compression rate the file size will increase but the image quality will not be improved.
Beginner Talk / Re: My Scribus seems to be lim...
Last post by Bill-in-Ky - November 19, 2023, 02:30:59 AM
   I want to add one more post to this subject, in case it might help somebody else struggling with Scribus.

   I got the book finished and published--print on demand.  I thought I was done with problems for that book, but had a big one today.  As I mentioned previously, I first made the "manuscript" with photos in Tiff format.  After page 177, I had trouble.  I think it was due to too much file size for Scribus.  So, I changed all the photos to Jpeg to lighten the load, and then started over, going through all 177 pages.  I was able to copy and paste text, so that helped a lot.  I had to insert photos just like the first time.  Got to page 177 and had trouble again.  As explained before, I had to end the book shorter than intended.  Got all that done.

   Today I used the PDF converter within Scribus to make a PDF file of the book.  I used the "High" compression quality setting, the second level, and got a PDF file size of 1.07 gb.  Way too big.  I then tried the "Medium" and "Low" settings.  Got file sizes of 1.06 gb and 1.05 gb.  Very little difference.  I tried the "Maximum" setting to see what that would do, and it came out as 1.11 gb.

   My first print book, made with Tiff photos, has a PDF file size of 494 megs.  The PDF files of this latest book, with Jpeg photos, all have more than twice that file size.  Makes no sense.  I still have the book manuscript with the Tiff photos, so I tried that in PDF.  It came out to 364 megs, which is usable. I was able to upload that and get it published. As it turned out, it is better to use Tiff photos, and not Jpeg, and that is what I will do for the next book.  Also, I'm going to try a newer version of Scribus, 1.5.9.
Text and Typography / Re: Can't find alternate glyph...
Last post by mnawij - November 18, 2023, 10:00:39 PM
What font type is it, ttf, otf, type 1, etc... you might try using a free online font converter to change it say from otf to ttf and see if that works. Just a suggestion, not sure if a solution.

Beginner Talk / Re: My Scribus seems to be lim...
Last post by Bill-in-Ky - November 18, 2023, 02:02:14 AM
   I finally got most of my manuscript converted to PDF.  I didn't get past page 177, so I backed up a little, deleted the last several pages, and ended the book before I intended to, at the end of a previous part, page 168.  I added one more page for a short note about what happened, and the continuation in the next book.

   I have fiddled with this for the last four days, on and off, going round and round with this issue.  Besides the page limitation, I was having trouble getting the PDF converter to work.  By the way, I looked for other PDF software, and downloaded two, one to combine multiple PDF files if I needed that.  I also got another one to convert a file to PDF.  Tried that, but then found it didn't work with sla flles, from Scribus.

   This evening I tried the PDF converter, within Scribus, to make blocks of that manuscript, 50 pages in each.  A test.  It actually worked. Got four blocks.  Later when I was about done with it all, I noticed that I had converted the first manuscript, the one with the Tiff photos.  It even worked with that.  The only thing I did differently was to check the box for photo resolution. The box with the number, 300, already showed that number, but was grayed.  I had been skipping that because I thought it was already set.  This evening, when I got on that issue again, I checked the box.  The number box lit up.  Then I tried a conversion, and it worked.  Did three more.  I guess that was the key.

   Then I made my table of contents which I had been leaving undone until I found that the PDF issue would work.  Got that done, then tried the PDF conversion on the current document.  It went a short time then Scribus crashed.  I had made a couple alterations just before, and it seems that doing anything like that can interfere with PDF, and sometimes other actions.  It closed and I reopened it and then started the PDF again.  That time it went all the way through, 169 pages, with Jpeg photos.

   Before I gave up on going past page 177, I tried again on page 178, for the umpteenth time. I actually got a photo loaded.  Then I made a caption box under it.  Got that ok.  Then made another image box and tried to get a second photo on that page and Scribus crashed.  It has crashed many times on this project. I tried a couple times more and then gave up.  Enough is enough.  I deleted those pages of the section I was working on and backed up to the previous section and ended the book there, as I said at the beginning of this post.

   Last night I downloaded the 1.5.9 verson of Scribus and opened my manuscript in that.  It showed up, but without photos.  I had the warning that if I loaded a document made with an older version, and saved it with the newer version, I could not use an older Scribus with it again.  I already had it saved with 1.4.8.  Not an issue. No photos was, so I could not use the newer version.  Had to try again with the older version.  I have put a lot of time in this book, having to re-do it with Jpeg photos this time, and didn't want to have it all fail.  Got most of it completed.  It is mandatory to have a PDF file to upload to the publisher, which is Lulu. I have to have a PDF file for a photo book, to lock everything in place. Finally got it.  Next time, I'm going to try the newer version.