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General Discussion / Re: Dependencies solver
Last post by a.l.e - Today at 10:43:59 AM
many moons ago, i did a feature request for allowing such use cases...

it would help, if somebody could make a good formal proposal that considers all options, use cases, and edge cases : - )
General Discussion / Re: Dependencies solver
Last post by Nermander - Today at 08:10:52 AM
If you have a lot of images that are used in several different projects it would cause tons of duplicates.

But an option to "link" or "save (copy) in project" would maybe be useful.

There is also the picture manager, maybe it could get some improvements to replace paths in several documents at the same time?

I would probably rather look at using sed on the Scribus documents to replace paths (I assume they are in clear text in the documents).
General Discussion / Re: Dependencies solver
Last post by AdmFubar - December 09, 2023, 07:38:51 PM
Quote from: MrB on December 09, 2023, 11:37:55 AMHave you tried File->Collect For Output?
I still think this should be the default way (or at least user settable) to save scribus projects.
General Discussion / Re: Nowhere to complain? Menti...
Last post by a.l.e - December 09, 2023, 02:01:54 PM
i did not know about cryptopad: nice platform!

personally, at first sight, i tend to prefer hedgedoc, but hedgedoc does not seem to offer a stable platform to use any more.
(yesterday's document has already been deleted... to be honest, the warned that it could happen.)

i have now recreated yesterday's document here:

it's a markdown file and if somebody wants to help with the editing, just create an account on cryptpad and ask for write access!

in the long term, i would suggest that we create one (or several) repositories in the gitlab account dedicated to scribus.

some time later...

i have now created some more content in the cryptopad and i've noticed an issue: the images are not added with a "normal" markdown link.
as it is, we cannot really export the document to markdown for further processing.
i hope i can find a solution (otherwise we will need to look for a different platform).

some more time later...

we can add an additional argument file="image.png"... we will then have to figure out how to add the "proprietary" tags back, when coming back to cryptopad...
this can get cumbersome, if the document is rather long (and has maybe been created outside of cryptopad)

now, i backup the file to gitlab and do some other tasks.
MacOS / Re: Spinning "Wait" pinwheel
Last post by MrB - December 09, 2023, 11:40:42 AM
If Scribus is installed in your personal Applications directory, you can run it like this:


Just confirm your user name and the Scribus application path name. Might be for example
General Discussion / Re: Dependencies solver
Last post by MrB - December 09, 2023, 11:37:55 AM
Have you tried File->Collect For Output?
General Discussion / Re: Nowhere to complain? Menti...
Last post by MrB - December 09, 2023, 11:37:12 AM
Agreed Ale.. I would like to see the docs rewritten. We need a platform to do that collaboratively. I have also looked into which is free/OSS too.
General Discussion / Re: Importing Multiple pages f...
Last post by crumbdrakey - December 09, 2023, 08:32:30 AM
i clicked around a bit and in the "page" menu there is an "import" menu that should do it : - )
Beginner Talk / Re: Image frames with borders ...
Last post by cckborg - December 09, 2023, 05:29:10 AM
Well, I have egg on my face. My contour box had gotten so messed up that I deleted the image and started fresh. The shape edit dialog feels more quirky than I remember, but I was able to achieve uniform contour line expansion with the image centered. I had copied my file (a Christmas letter) from Dec. 2022 (created with the previous Scribus version), and had originally kept the old image box and replaced the image with a new one. I don't know if that was the source of my problems, but I seem to be back in business.