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Title: Scribus not visible
Post by: ErikThibaut on April 27, 2021, 09:11:41 pm
I make photoalbums with Scribus. Now, after a lot of work for the 4th photoalbum, Scribus is not opening, while half an hour ago everything worked fine. I tried to re-install, but the same problem occurs.

I am not good with installing, so I can not figure out the problem myself. When I open Scribus 1.4.8 the 'new document' frame opens. When I try to make new document or toe reopen old documents, nothing happens (only that in the task bar below Scribus 1.4.8 is said to be opened). But nothing happens. 
Title: Re: Scribus not visible
Post by: utnik on April 29, 2021, 05:03:39 pm
hi erik

the main window of scribus might be dislocated (set to display outside of your screen area). unfortunately this happens sometimes. the position is stored in a file named 'scribus140.rc'. the path to this file depends on the operating system. on my machine (macOS) it is 'users' → (my user name) → 'library' → 'preferences' → 'scribus' → 'scribus140.rc'.
if you can locate this file on your computer, (quit scribus first, if it is running,) open it with a simple text editor and search for a line beginning with '<MainWindow' and set 'XPosition="0"' and 'YPosition="20"' (to allow for an os menubar…) if there is a setting for a screen number other than '0', change it to '0'. save the file and open scribus.

good luck