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Last post by webmanoffesto - May 13, 2023, 01:48:08 PM
How do I adjust a Style to change "Vertical Aligment: Middle" to "Vertical Alignment: Top"?

I'm using Monthly calendar script. I want the daily date numbers to be vertically aligned to the top. I want to do that using the styles. I'm in Style Manager, I have Text Properties window open. If I highlight one text box I can see that it uses styles "par_style_Date" and "char_style_Date".

In "Text Properties" I can change one text box number to "vertical justify". But unless I am able to edit the style to vertically justify I will have to vertically justify each text box manually, one at a time. I want to avoid that.
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Last post by a.l.e - May 13, 2023, 09:44:52 AM
my first reaction was: open the pdf, save it as a scribus document, import the pages in your own document.

this is how i would do it... can scribus do it?

i clicked around a bit and in the "page" menu there is an "import" menu that should do it : - )

while, being able to import multiple pages through "load vector file" sounds like a good idea, since scribus is not a tool for tweaking pdfs but a page layout software, i'm fine with the current situation (except that the scripter should be able to import pages from a vector page without any prompt being shown to the user... but that's a WIP)
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Last post by webmanoffesto - May 13, 2023, 04:57:33 AM
Thank you. This worked
Window / Content Properties / Columns and Text Distances / Vertical Alignment / Top

But how do I edit the style so that "Alignment / Top" applies to all the dates?
I have Style Manager open, and Content Properties. When I changed the dates to align left that affected all dates on the calendar. That was great. Is Vertical Alignment different because it's on the Style Manager window. But Vertical Alignment is on the Text Properties window?

Also, I can't even manually select all the dates on one month on the calendar. I would have to select each date one at a time and select Align Top for each one separately.
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Last post by PatJr - May 13, 2023, 03:53:42 AM
that's under the Content Properties (F3)
sorry, I dunno how to set that for the paragraph style
seems like there should be a frame style tag ....
maybe down the road there will be?
Beginner Talk / Style, Text Box, Vertical Alig...
Last post by webmanoffesto - May 13, 2023, 02:56:17 AM
I'm working with the calendar script. It generated a great calendar. I'm trying to get the date to appear higher in the text box. Apparently that is Vertical Alignment.
So I look at Style Manager. I see Par_Style_Date, based on Char_Style_Date. I found instructions to  find: "Text Properties; Click on Column & Text Distances; On the first line, change Vertical Alignment".
But I don't find that. Have these menus changed since that was posted?
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Last post by webmanoffesto - May 12, 2023, 10:53:11 PM
Under par_style_Date / Properties / Tabs and Indentation
I was able to indent to the right a little.
Still looking for how to move the number toward the top of the cell.
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Last post by scriber - May 12, 2023, 07:05:26 PM
Excuse me for appending my message to this really old discussion.

I'm using Scribus 1.5.8.

Let's consider a Scribus document containing some pages of text, then we want to add a multipages PDF.

As written above, if you select "File > Import > Load vector file", the dialog allows to load just one single page of the PDF.

I use a workarond:
- File > Open
- Select PDF file to load
- then in a new scribus window we will have our PDF
- here I select all pages of this document and press Ctrl+C to copy them
- finally return on the previous scribus window and press Ctrl+V to paste the "vector pages"

My question:
- is there a easier way to achieve that?

I would expect that File > Import > Load vector file can directly import also multi pages PDF, not just one page at a time. Likely implementing this feature in Scribus is not as easy as it seems...
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Last post by webmanoffesto - May 12, 2023, 06:37:24 PM
Thank you! I found char_style_date and changed that to a smaller number. That's great, it is a smaller font number and I change center to left justified. How can I pad that a little, so it's a bit further from the left boundary. And how do I make the number closer to the top of the box?
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Last post by PatJr - May 12, 2023, 05:00:04 PM
the sizing, image frame, etc I dunno
for the font size, style, etc  after you run the calendar script check the Styles
of just F4

Scripts and Plugins / Monthly-Calendar-Script, small...
Last post by webmanoffesto - May 12, 2023, 03:23:23 PM
I installed Scribus and began working with the Monthly-calendar-script-for-Scribus which I got at

I love that it automatically generates multiple monthly calendars. The multiple pages option is an improvement over Inkscape, for this project.

I want to make a calendar which has small numbers and leaves more room for me to add the events which will be happening that day. Maybe 3-4 different events will be running Mon-Weds or Mon-Fri, with different events on the weekends.

So far, this calendar seems to make a more "hang on the wall, each month with basic holidays and a nice image" type calendar. I chose to generate the calendars with no image.

How can I make the day numbers smaller. I don't see that in the menu options. I select font, but not font size.

If the above is not possible, I could manually change the number size, but since I'm new to Scribus, I'm having difficulty doing that. I deleted the "1" in day 1. I added a text box, I found the Properties menu box, but I can't get rid of the surrounding box. Anyway, this would get very tedious to do for 6 months.

The built-in Scripts / Calendar Wizard seems to give good results. How do I create a version with no image, and with that space filled by the calendar? When I un-select Draw Image Frame that space is just a blank space where an image would go.