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Text and Typography / Multiple select for text
« Last post by Ewac on June 10, 2021, 11:50:22 am »
I am creating a songbook and I'm using different paragraph styles for chords, text, headings,... Now I cannot select multiple seperate paragraphs to change them together to the same style. The usual "ctrl+select" doesn't work, neither in the text frame directly or in the text editor. Am I missing something? Right now I have to change every paragraph individually, which takes extremely long.
Have not been able to find a solution for this...any help is appreciated.
Hi everyone,

Running Scribus on an Asus laptop running Windows 10 with a second screen. I keep it on my remote screen so I can use the laptop screen for other apps.

However, whenever I open Scribus, while the work screen pops up on the right, the Layers Manager Window and Properties Manager Window both appear on the left side of the laptop window.

Is there any way to shift the default location of these to the right side of the remote screen?

Thanks in advance!!!
hi john

there should be an autosave file named like that: (your file name)_autosave_(date)_(time).sla. if you didn't specify a path in the preferences, it should be in te same folder as your project file.


I have always used Autosave (set at 10-minute intervals, save into same document) and in the case of I think Signal 6 crashes, the recovery window did pop up noted the crashes and asked if I would like to recover the files.  In those cases I checked the boxes and hit recover.  The box keeps popping up after every crash and still shows the recovered files and asks if I want to recover them again.

However I think with Signal 11 crashes (I have to force quite Scribus as unresponsive, spinning beachball), when I open Scribus and open the file again, no check box is added for this file, it's the old previously recovered ones all over again.  The latest crashed file is not listed and I have about two-hours into it.  Can I access the autosave/recovery somehow and retrieve my work?

Installation and Setup / Re: Cannot browse any directory
« Last post by toyotadesigner on June 08, 2021, 04:33:48 pm »
You are right — just checked the »Preferences« and there it is in the »Paths« section. Never checked it before <sigh>
Installation and Setup / Re: Cannot browse any directory
« Last post by RodneyLee on June 08, 2021, 04:13:05 pm »
Can you set your default paths to the locations needed?
Installation and Setup / Re: Cannot browse any directory
« Last post by toyotadesigner on June 08, 2021, 11:20:18 am »
Hi Rosemary, Scribus seems to always start in the »USER« folder, which in Unix and macOS is something like ~/Users/username. For you — the user — it looks like »/« or just a blank window, or it starts with the last folder where you saved your Scribus file. In my case, it always falls back to the »Documents« folder, even though the Scribus folder is located even further down the tree. Never managed to understand the logic behind this behaviour.
Installation and Setup / Re: Cannot browse any directory
« Last post by Rosemary on June 08, 2021, 09:26:25 am »
Thanks, toyotadesigner,

I appreciate your help.

The issue is not that I can't see the files because the window is too small. It's that I can't see the folders or files I want to use in the first place. Those pathways are just not there. yet, when I view the folders and files via Control Panel or File Explorer, I can see them just fine.

Also, I've accessed all sorts of file formats using the 'Get Image' function in the past, including PNG files. This says to me that the issue is with Scribus, Windows 10 or both, rather than with the files themselves.

Drag and drop does work, though. I just hadn't accessed image files that way before.
PDF Generation / Re: Incorrect tab order for radio buttons
« Last post by micro on June 07, 2021, 02:29:36 pm »
I can confirm this is now fixed in the latest 1.5.8svn - sensational!

Many thanks to jghali.
Installation and Setup / Re: Cannot browse any directory
« Last post by toyotadesigner on June 07, 2021, 12:32:51 pm »
I've never used this type of import. I'm using XnView MP for macOS, where I select several image files and drag them onto a page in Scribus.

Your sample showed a *.png, which can have some weird subformats (interlaced, reduced colors, transparency, even all 3 versions in one file). Did you ever try to place a JPEG or TIFF file? Just tried these formats with your method here (huge 48 bit TIFF with 635 MB), everything is perfect, though it takes some time to be displayed in the preview area.

BTW, because the browse window is kind of small, it might help to scroll sideways or to enlarge it to see more folders on your machine.
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