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Windows / Re: Two PC's (v1.5.8); One SLA...
Last post by MrB - August 23, 2023, 11:24:45 PM
Have you tried copying the font files from one computer to the other? Note that Scribus does support custom fonts paths as well. Its likely the newer font file has different data and hence Scribus renders it slightly differently.
Windows / Re: Two PC's (v1.5.8); One SLA...
Last post by Nermander - August 23, 2023, 08:49:39 PM
I doubt it is a Scribus issue. The code for wrapping would be the same under both operating systems, and Scribus would use the font metrics to calculate the wrapping. So most likely it is a font issue.

My suggestion would be to use Collect for output (with fonts included) and see if this works the same on both PCs.
Windows / Re: Two PC's (v1.5.8); One SLA...
Last post by Spilly - August 23, 2023, 04:34:15 PM
Hi utnik

1) Ooops! Updated profile (again)

2) The two font folders appear to be identical
except that Win 10 files timestamps are older, as you would expect

I copied all Calibri fonts to a temp folder on a USB stick
and used the Windiff utility to compare the two folders.

And note that my test of hor. spacing in MS Word also gave identical spacing on both systems

I suspect it's a Scribus issue. It kinda smells it might be.

Would it be justified to draw the developers attention to the issue?
If so, how?

Windows / Re: Two PC's (v1.5.8); One SLA...
Last post by utnik - August 23, 2023, 02:00:51 PM
hi spilly

i don't think the scaling of the screen view will change the line wrapping.
are you sure, the calibri fonts are exactly the same in win 10 and win 11? (that's what i would investigate first...)


btw. your scribus version might rather be 1.5.8. (otherwise i would like to test 1.7.8 too!)
Text and Typography / Line wrap problem v1.5.8svn ...
Last post by Spilly - August 23, 2023, 01:56:42 PM
I have an SLA with a single text box.
I get DIFFERENT Line wraps on two Windows PCs (1 x Win 10, 1 x Win 11)

This LINK is to my LineWrap problem

Should I have posted it here instead of the Installation & Setup board?
Please follow the link if you can help
Thanks in advance

Windows / Re: Scribus 1.5.8 on windows10...
Last post by Spilly - August 23, 2023, 12:22:03 PM
I agree with Nermander.
The OS version is unlikely to be critical

I suggest you update your profile with your hardware spec
- CPU, RAM and Disk type (SSD or HDD)

I've just bought a desktop with 12th Gen Core i5-12400, 8GB RAM + SSD
The difference from my laptop AMD A8-6410, 16GB RAM, + SATA SSD is HUGE
The old AMD CPU scored a PassMark of 1,760
The new Intel CPU score a PassMark of 19,492
Windows / Re: Two PC's (v1.5.8); One SLA...
Last post by Spilly - August 23, 2023, 11:25:00 AM
Huge thanks for an immediate reply

In Windows the Scaling tab is GREYED OUT
- on both the laptop (Win 10) and the desktop (Win 11)

I've had v little to do with API and C code.
I'd have thought that line wrap was usually done by the host OS API code.
Maybe Scribus, for reasons of platform portability, works at a lower level??

I want to proof read and correct frame overflows and layout issues in other people's work
but this line wrap issue makes the task impossible.

Where do I go next?

About the margin
I don't think the poor positioning of the frame affects the problem.

The SLA was cut down from a 40 page magazine, as prepared by AN Other
(using a midget laptop without the big screen I bought her!)
So her frames are more or less dumped by eye, and "that'll do"
Never mind the actual margins!!    :( 

I created the SLA by deleting all other pages and frames from her original
leaving this one text frame exactly as was.

BTW I've updated my profile
Scribus runs SO much better on a 12th gen Intel i5!
Windows / Re: Two PC's (v1.5.8); One SLA...
Last post by AdmFubar - August 23, 2023, 12:43:53 AM
I bet the display screens have a different physical resolution, and they may not be calibrated in scribus. Open scribus and in the preferences, select Display, it is about halfway down the list, then in the section the opens look for the Display scaling tab. You will need a ruler for this part. Hold the ruler against the screen to match the one displayed and adjust the slider to align the ruler marks.
Once these is corrected you can see if the text is correct on the page.
This will most likely be a first step in analyzing this issue.

One small item noted in the .sla you posted, the text box is slightly to the right on the page. The right edge of the text box is past the right margin on the page. Was this intentional?
Windows / Two PC's (v1.5.8); One SLA; DI...
Last post by Spilly - August 22, 2023, 11:17:31 PM
I have v1.5.8 running on two PCs; one is Win 10 and one is Win 11
(I doubt if the OS version is the issue, but we'll see)

I have ONE SLA file in a shared folder.
The SLA has a single text box, and no special formatting.

If I open that SLA on both PC's at the same time, I get different line wraps.
Scribus on the new PC (Win 11) appears to render text using more horizontal pixels
than on my old win 10 laptop, and also on two other Win 10 systems I can access

Our DTP team has four PCs, but my new desktop is out of step with the other three.
I can't use it for DTP team work at all  :(

Any suggestions?


Other info
The font libraries on the PCs are not identical, but all have the same Calibri font 
The test SLA uses only the Default paragraph setting Calibri Regular, size 11.

I attach my test SLA and two PDFs as evidence

Paras 2 and 3 both overflow under Win 11, but don't under Win 10.

Para 3 ends with the words
  "aged over 18 years."
The last word wraps on Win 11.

I have zoomed to 250% and measured the cursor position of the space after "18"
(Actually I substituted a full stop for this measurement)
    Under Win 11 the cursor is at 193.429mm
    Under Win 10 the cursor is at 190.076mm
    The RH edge of the text box is at cursor 201.355mm

I did the same kind of test using MS Word, measuring in points
I could not detect a difference between results under Win 10 or 11 on a single shared .DOCX test doc

Text and Typography / Footnotes_crash
Last post by laima - August 22, 2023, 12:17:22 PM

I use Scribus 1.5.8 version on Windows 11 pro x64 based PC. It was working well until I started adding footnotes and endnotes. I tried to delete ones in mark manager and it crashes. Same when I try to edit. Later even trying to save - crash.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Thank you