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Title: No furigana (rubi/ruby) support means no Japanese
Post by: boomerlife on October 08, 2021, 03:44:44 am
See attachment for what 'furigana' means.

Japanese people cannot read documents without furigana.  To not support furigana is to not support Japanese language. 

Japanese language is unique.  Because they merge our English alphabet with hiragana and kanji and katakana, they are not reliant on ability to read advanced kanji without furigana.

Not only that but furigana is used in creative ways nowadays to add to meaning in new ways.  I have seen the kanji for God "神様" with the furigana "ゴッド" (/god/ phonetically) above it so that the kanji 神様 is pronounced /god/ as a kind of pun. 

Without furigana, Japanese is crippled.  You cannot ignore this any more.  Libreoffice and WPS office both support the ability to write in furigana.  Scribus cannot import text with furigana.  This is unacceptable.

Since Libreoffice is open source , their system for furigana support could be grafted into the Scribus story editor. 

It is incredibly frustrating and irritating that this amazing design software cannot be used with Japanese text because furigana has been laid aside as some fringe extra. 

It is not!

Your amazing software is currently USELESS for Japanese people.

Please address this.  People have brought this issue up a decade ago and still nothing has been done.