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Installation and Setup / Re: Cannot browse any directory
« Last post by Rosemary on June 05, 2021, 10:58:30 am »
Hi there,

I'm having the same issue.

I've just bought a new Windows 10 laptop and installed Scribus 1.5.7 on it. I used to run an older version of Scribus on my old Windows laptop and I never had any trouble browsing directories for files to import. Like the person who first posted about this issue, I can create an image frame and select the 'get image' option. However, it only gives me very limited directories/folders to open and browse through.

I have dedicated folders within my Documents folder for my image files but I can't see these folders when browsing for them from the 'get image' command. I wonder if this is because my main Documents folder is now synced with One Drive whereas this folder was on my hard drive on my old computer?

I found a workaround in the meantime. I can access my Downloads folder from the 'get image' command so I'll just copy the image files I need to that folder for now. It's messy and not where I want image files to be stored, but it means I can continue working on the document until I find a solution.

I note an older post on a completely unrelated topic from the time-frame 2017-18 that provided the best rendition of the information I needed on the topic I needed. I wish to add and update what I have learned to the subject discussed, which was not germane to the topic title.

Starting a newer topic would disconnect it from what is the actual (valuable) discussion in that older post.  I thought that a way to alert users to this is to post and then select the Report to Moderator, who can then perhaps too note the discussion subject matter is a far cry from what the topic is titled and get the information directed to the proper search topic.  The forums, the Wiki and the Help Manual let alone Google are an arcane, outdated, incomplete, and organizational mess that leads to the kind of posting question I have here.  Many times I think this accrues to essentially ordinary non-technical users and after weeks of frustration leads us to to turn away from Scribus.

However my impression of Report to Moderator should only be used to alert to egregious or fraudulent behavior.  Is this the only case where the selection should be used or is my thought about trying to alert to post new useful information in old places also a function of the moderator?  Perhaps there is another Administrative group for this?

Scribus forums / Re: How can i make scribus find ghostscript
« Last post by toyotadesigner on June 04, 2021, 10:18:01 pm »
It would help if you would specify your operating system — Windows, macOS or Linux?
I just found two checkboxes under Numbered List tab on Style Manager Window called "Restart after other format"and "Restart after higher level.I could not make sense with them and found no information related to,even after searched the Scribus's bulti-in help file,there was no result.what can them do and how can I making use of them for numbered list,thanks for your help in advanced and sorry for my poor English.
Text and Typography / Re: LibreOffice import seems to have frozen
« Last post by JohnJR on June 03, 2021, 11:11:49 pm »
Hi Utnik'

I'm going to go back into Scribus and see if I can grasp Paragraph Styles and it seems Character Styles as well.  Google is of poor help with this and the best Scribus source seems to be the Help Manual from at best the early 2011-12's (  By complete chance, on another subject, I discovered the most though article on Styles, you're in there too, by GarryP ( topic=2783).  As you probably guessed, I've wandered Google and the forums for weeks to the point I was thinking of giving up on Scribus.  So much in both places is arcane, incomplete, off-point, and on Google should just be removed.

I noted on File>Import that no importer selection options window came up in the import dialog box, just the box for the file.  Perhaps this is just a function of macOS, it did import something as described above.

My note of appending was only in reference to wondering where the bulk of the .odt import went, since the cursor was on a text frame late in the Scribus document.  Also after the import fiasco, and my deletion using, I think, Edit>Undo, I got that odd black and white crossed circle pie.  The pie made me wonder if the bulk of my .odt import must still be hidden inside my Scribus document and not allowing further imports.

I've decided I should be posting in the Beginner's Category and asked a question there as to how both the import and the Scribus document treats blank pages at the beginning or anywhere inside either document.

Is trying to use Page>Import the source of the crossed pie symbol?


It seems from older posts that Automatic text frames only applied to full margin frames, so if you have a page with two or three text frames nested within those margins, even though most of your pages are full margin text frames, you should not use Automatic text frames in New Document Setup.  Is this still true?  Or if using Automatic text frames blows up your document in not easily fixable ways when the text import encounters them?

The example is a book setup where most pages are just full margin text, but you have a blank page and then say a Chapter Page-Right with two or three separate frames. And this page combination is interspersed here and there.

With regards to imports, if you have, say, a .odt book file that has a few blank pages and then a Title page and a series of pages after that for copyright data, acknowledgements, dedication, and followed by that first Chapter Page-Right sequence before full pages of text.  And the Scribus document is laid out the same.  Where should the import start, with the Title text frames or with the first (blank) page.  What happens after that?

PDF Generation / Re: Bloated interactive PDFs
« Last post by micro on June 03, 2021, 05:12:54 am »
I tried Libre Office a while back for interactive forms and it was not up to my layout requirements.

I will persist with Scribus as I think it's an amazing layout tool and it does 95% of what I need it to for interactive PDFs. Obviously some developers on the team think it's for more than just print.

For now, post-processing in Acrobat Pro gets my files down to a reasonable size. I also use it to Extend Features in Adobe Reader which further improves the end user experience (e.g. closing an unchanged PDF form does not ask the user to save). So while I still have a small dependency on Adobe products, at least it can be purchased as an outright license rather than paying their outrageous subscription fees.
PDF Generation / Re: Incorrect tab order for radio buttons
« Last post by micro on June 03, 2021, 05:03:34 am »
No replies in 4 months so I guess this is a low priority issue for most.

Our business will not publish interactive forms without correct tab order, meaning the great effort put into Scribus for proper radio buttons is unfortunately of no use to us until this issue is resolved. We consider accessibility and usability mandatory requirements.

I've now opened a bug on this:
Scribus forums / How can i make scribus find ghostscript
« Last post by Songokuss2 on June 02, 2021, 08:31:45 pm »
So i downloaded scribus and ghostscrip and try to open a pdf file but it doesn't open
So i searched a bit and i saw something saying to help scribus find ghostscript
Can you please help me
I have my app in greek
Text and Typography / Re: LibreOffice import seems to have frozen
« Last post by utnik on June 02, 2021, 08:07:08 pm »
hi john

I have a Scribus document that I've applied Master Pages to with linked text frames formatted for the font and point size I need.  I also have a LibreOffice .odt that is formatted the same.  I first went to File>Import>Get Text and did get some oddly formatted text, but at least it was the text.

to import formatted text you need to format it with paragraph styles.
…and did you select the importer: ' writer documents' in the import window?

The document didn't append pages to accommodate anything and there are no overflow X boxes.

in scribus you need to insert the pages you need.
normally layout programs don't generate pages automatically…

I deleted the import and went to the first page of the Scribus document and re-selected File>Import, but this time the option Get Text was greyed out

this is grayed out, as long as there's no frame selected to place the text in.

I tried Page>Import and selected the .odt file from the "select" option, but once selected in did not enter into the dialog's file box

you can't import .odt pages. afaik page import works only for pages from .sla documents.

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