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Title: taking my work from inkscape to scribus is not working so well
Post by: core on March 21, 2020, 10:49:31 pm
I have produced some nice product sheets in inkscape. My goal is to bring them together into nice stylised product book in scribus.
I tried to use File>Import>Get vector file
For some reason I cannot find, all texts and some of the shapes in the .svg are not imported
I tried .eps and .ps with the same results

Then I tried the raster options with PNG and then finally with PDF.
These always turn out fuzzy and pixilated. If I pump up the resolution of the raster export, the resulting PDF exported from scibus ends up enormous

I am aware that what I see on the screen may not be at a high resolution though I have "select view image quality" to high.
But I rest on the resulting PDF export and its quality as the final check.

The page I am trying to import is a text rich page with many text boxes.

I really hope I can solve this problem.
A few years ago I created some really nice product booklets for my business and I had a blast creating them.
I look very much forward again to play with scribus

I hope someone can guide me
Title: Re: taking my work from inkscape to scribus is not working so well
Post by: dragonfly on May 11, 2020, 05:16:05 pm
This post seems to have fallen through the cracks so I will try to help.
To understand issues importing SVG fonts .. ( ...Fonts section.
Title: Re: taking my work from inkscape to scribus is not working so well
Post by: mnawij on May 12, 2020, 12:24:36 am
Hello core,

Make sure you create a backup copy of your inkscape file before doing the following.

Select Fonts
Path -> Object to Path

Save inkscape files as -> plain svg option (there are some svg options in inkscape that do not play well with other apps like scribus, illustrator, corel, etc...)
NOTE: double check imported artwork to see what might be stripped out in the plain svg, I mainly have problems with complex gradients when importing.

Let me know if you still have problems.  If you could upload a sample page of your inkscape file with the fonts outlined, it could be beneficial. Also what version of scribus and OS are you using?

Title: Re: taking my work from inkscape to scribus is not working so well
Post by: jack_cat on May 20, 2020, 04:20:31 pm
I have been lectured by knowledgeable Scribus users
that vector files are superior to bitmaps in desktop publishing.

All the same, it appears that vector files don't work as well as
bitmaps in Scribus.

I have always had weird stuff happen with vector files
imported into scribus, and on the other hand .png files work great.
So I just quit using vector files, and always use .png's, because they work.

Now, my graphics files are mostly B & W musical examples, and I use
only .png's, and I don't have any printing problems that are visible to me.
It may well be that some other kinds of content do require vector files in
order to print properly. I tried using Lilypond for music notation, which
exports beautiful and editable .svg files, but Lilypond is simply far too hard
to use for a non-programmer. I have another (WYSIWYG) music notation
program that exports a very hi-res .png, I edit this with Gimp and am good to go.

If I have to assemble a complex graphic, I do use Inkscape quite a bit.
Inkscape also exports .png files, often I have to edit these some with
GIMP, and I keep them high resolution which is also, I think, a factor
that limits the file size of my scribus files to about 50 pages.