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I had found the Lato font online, and loaded it into fontforge, which reported two issues with the font, not sure if those are the cause or not. I'd find a similar font and see if issue persists, preferable a font from the same designer from the same time period.
I have installed version 1.5.8, and... that fixed it indeed, thanks. To think I wanted to stick to the stable branch out of safety...

I figure it's not much use anymore, but yes, zooming on the PDF did "fix" the l's thickness... but the issue remained while printing on paper (already tested before coming to the forums), and well, what recruiter would think "this is ugly, lemme zoom on that to see if it gets better". That was using Acrobat Reader, so I figure the error would've been reproduced on their end too.

But ah well, now the issue is fixed, and hopefully it won't come up again. I am still curious as to what happened here, so if anyone could spare a moment to explain what (possibly) was causing this, I would appreciate it.
Is this issue in the printed output of the pdf or just the screen display? I think all you might be seeing is distortion from the magnification level from your display. Have you zoomed in on the pdf? if so was the issue still there?
I noted some thickening of an 'l', but that disappeared upon zooming in closer.  What pdf reader are you using?
this might be an issue with the version you are using, upgrade to the 1.5.x version if you can. the issue might be resolved, with in the new version.if not reproduce the issue in a new document and post that.
also you may want to start scribus via the command line to get any error output to share as well. It may just be a font issue.
No, it also occurs when the l is alone, like in "gmail" or "livre", and I also have an instance of two l's put together that turned out fine. I cannot discern any particular reason why some are thick and some are not, and believe me, I have solid pattern detection skills. Upon further inspection, I also have exactly three uppercase i in my file, and all are thick.
I am using Scribus version 1.4.8 on Windows, and the font used is Lato as previously mentioned, in Regular and Semibold style. Thanks for looking into it. If needed, I can send the file in question, though, well, it's my resume, and it's full of personal information, so I would rather not.
does the thicker version of the letter 'l' occur only when placed together? Also need to know the version of scribus, the font, and os.
Hi hi

If that problem came up already, I apologise, but I genuinely couldn't possibly tell what to look up for that...

So, I have recently made a document with Scribus, but after exporting it to PDF, somehow, most lowercase l characters (not all) turned out thicker, standing out like a sore thumb. One or two turned out as intended, and I have exactly one case of an uppercase i turning thick.
The font family I use is Lato, with issues arising with the Regular and Semibold members of the family.
Does anyone know how to fix that issue? I have attached an example, with the l's in "surveillance" being too thick, and the one in "accueil" being one of the rare instances that turned out correctly.
Layout Issues / changing the destination of a master page
« Last post by adrianstephens on February 06, 2023, 07:37:41 pm »
My preflight verifier tells me that a page's master page has a different destination.

I need to change the destination (left / right) of an existing master page.  But,  having spent a while searching through the documentation and trying all the windows/ menu items,  I can't see how to change it.   Yes,  I could create a new master page that was a copy, and then apply it,  but I'm sure there must be a way to do avoid this hack.

Adrian Stephens, Cambridge UK
Installation and Setup / Re: Crash when opening specific file
« Last post by Turdus Merula on January 31, 2023, 09:31:12 am »

Not that old. The file I have problems with is about 130 pages. The older version is 90 pages long. Everything was done on the 1.5.8 version of Scribus.

Furthermore, I've tried something new about this:

- Open the native Ubuntu version of Scribus
- Open my file
> it crashes.

- Open the Wine version of Scribus
- Open the native Ubuntu version of Scribus
- Open my file with the latter
> It works.

My guess is that there is a memory management problem somewhere.
Installation and Setup / Re: Crash when opening specific file
« Last post by AdmFubar on January 30, 2023, 04:29:57 am »
            x              (x)                    you mention "older version of the file", how old of a version? what version of scribus did you use to create it originally?
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