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Title: leaflet from scratch
Post by: amc on March 22, 2016, 10:12:33 pm
I have to "recreate" a leaflet (4 DIN-A4 pages), which solely "graphic" feature is a banner in the top third of the first page (let's call it the main picture), plus some sentence in nice fonts

This leaflet has been created both in Freehand and in InDesign. I have it in pdf. At the same time I have the "main picture" in INDD (whatever it means) and might have it in IMDL, IMDS and, since it seems to be originally created by Freehand, in jpg, pdf, eps or tiff

First question is: using the whole pdf leaflet, I have used a online tool in pdfaid to "extract" images. The "main picture" renders as png at 96 dpi. Is it enough to use this picture straight to place it in a new SCribus file? Or further printing in paper will look awkward?

Second question
Would it be better (so, higher resolution) using  Nitro PDF Reader ?

Third question
If nothing of the former works, should I try IMDL or IMDS with Scribus 1.5? Or should I export from the original Freehand? to which of the export formats: pdf, eps, tiff, jpg?

Title: Re: leaflet from scratch
Post by: mnawij on March 23, 2016, 04:34:01 am
#1 96 dpi is not good enough for professional printing, recommended minimum dpi is 300, though you can get away with 200 on the new digital printers/presses.
#2 Nitro pdf reader will not extract the image, you have to upgrade to the pro version for that capability I believe.
#3 unless the picture was 'embedded' into the freehand file it is just a 'low resolution' linked file, a placeholder to another image on the drive, not sure, I have not used freehand in several years.  It will be the same for the indesign file unless the image was embedded.

You can download a 30 day trial version of the Adobe Creative Suite, and see what you can get from the indesign files...

If you would like to upload the PDF and InDesign files, I can open them to see what I can see... might take me a few days, but I do not mind.


Title: Re: leaflet from scratch
Post by: a.l.e on March 23, 2016, 11:19:43 am
among the GUI based / multiplatform free tools, i think inkscape is the best tool for extracting images from a pdf.

the development version of scribus can also open PDF files. and -- as you say -- IMDL files.

should you use 1.5? i don't know, it's hard to say, without knowing more about your "skills"...
are you used to work with development versions of software?
do you already know scribus?
do you already know other DTP tools very well?
are you patient?

personally, i don't think it's a good idea for somebody starting with DTP, who has never used scribus before and who is not technically "skilled" to use scribus 1.5...
it's fine if you do not match any of those characteristics...
... and it depends if you match some of them...

as said: hard to say :-)
Title: Re: leaflet from scratch
Post by: amc on March 25, 2016, 09:47:25 pm
thanks, I downloaded Indesign, trial, opened the indd, it was a full leaflet, three fonts missing, and the images. Now I need to "extract" the image from the document to see its resolution. How may achieve that?

Relating Scribus, texts are in SVG format (vector) or just raster? I have heard SVG doesn't pixel, whereas jpg, png.. has to be very high-resolution to look neat.

Title: Re: leaflet from scratch
Post by: mnawij on March 26, 2016, 02:56:25 am
In inDesign:
1) select image
2) right click on selected image
3) choose edit with and select gimp or photoshop
4) use "save a copy" and rename and save to a different location
5) open newly saved version to check resolution

fonts are in vector format unless you export to one of the bitmap/raster formats.  400dpi works for any document unless the fonts are smaller than 7-8 pt, then you might want to go up to 500 or even 600dpi from my experience.