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Beginner Talk / Font colors
« Last post by tedmast on January 11, 2023, 12:10:17 pm »
Running Win 7 and Scribus 1.5.8
I set text colour in Preferences, and Document setup, but in a new document, when a textbox has been made, text is invisible. So checking Content properties, and text color is set as 'none'.
Why? Also, the colour-set in Preferences doesn't match the colour-set in shown in Edit/ColoursandFills.  This feature doesn't seem to work either.
I read that a patch has been made that makes it possible to see the colurs in Preferences, but how to import that patch into Windows?
Lastly, it has happened on several occasions that choosing a colour via Content Properties, when the colours are shown, instaed of the smallish box, the box goes right across the screen - odd.
Any comments appreciated.
Text and Typography / Applying new custom shapes to text frames
« Last post by gingic on January 10, 2023, 07:19:20 pm »
I am working at a comic strip booklet and I wish I select dialogue balloons using a custom shape.
My dialogue balloons are hundreds and linked using the link tool.
I need to select each one and apply a custom shape unto it then further customized it if necessary
I am not satisfied with default custom shapes so I wish I could add a new category along Default Shapes, Arrow, Jigsaw (Properties -> Shape)

Here is a sample

Is it possible? This could be of great help.
Tutorials, Tips and How-Tos / Re: Howto handle images when inlined into my textfield
« Last post by zacl on January 10, 2023, 05:19:19 pm »
Inline image works well now in 1.5.8.
To resize an inline image you have to double click on it. A new windows open where you can modify the image size. After closing this windows, the image is updated in the text.
An excellent tutorial is here :

If you copy an inline image and paste it in another line or another text frame, they share the same size info (they address the same image object).
So if you modify the size for one of them, all are updated.
There is just a small bug at the moment it finish by breaking the path information to the image :,4471.msg20535.html
Scripts and Plugins / Re: Adding font programmatically
« Last post by sbordag on January 10, 2023, 04:20:32 pm »
I know this thread is old, but I would really like to know how to run scribus headless in a docker/server scenario.

Regarding the OT question: I think the solution is to install the fonts in the docker image, just like one does for any other program that needs fonts (aka put them into the corresponding system folder depending on the base image used.)
Installation and Setup / Re: Scribus bug no one cares to fix
« Last post by zacl on January 10, 2023, 03:48:33 pm »
Hi, have you tried 1.5.8 version.
Maybe it is fixed there
Alright, so I went the long route around the problem. In pseudocode the script that starts having a document opened will:
- destroy all groups
- find out which text field to reduce the font size (and line spacing) by how much so that all text fits
- remember that in an object
- close the document without saving it
- go to the original SLA XML file
- apply the remembered fixes directly in the XML file
- re-open in scribus and proceed being happy now that all all texts fit and we still have our group structure in place

Note: the scribus.textOverflows(name) function is not perfect and will report that nothing overflows even though in some corner cases it will still overflow, so always reduce font size by one point more than seems necessary. Couldn't find any corner cases after that, but there still might be some.
 Another usful solution but not as elegant as a operation to apply.
Time to pester the developers with a suggestion to add this to scribus.
Thanks, the trouble with developers is that it will take some time before its coded and work properly in the program. Next I have the problem that it will take some time before the new version is also available for Raspberry Pi. So I try to work around a problem.
Raster and Vector Graphics / Bug when Copy-paste inline image - Path modified in SLA
« Last post by zacl on January 09, 2023, 04:59:26 pm »
Hi, When I copy an inline image in a text frame and paste it in this frame or another, the image disappear for each copy.

In the SLA code I noticed a change that occure each time I paste the inline image :
  • ItemID of FRAMEOBJECT of the inline image is changed. Reference InID is kept.
  • The Path to the image change from relative to absolute. Changing it back to relative make it work!

If think it is a bug. What do you think?

working code of inlane image
Code: [Select]
<FRAMEOBJECT InID="22317" XPOS="0" YPOS="0" OwnPage="-1" ItemID="220454048" ... PFILE="2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png"...>

altered code of inlane image
Code: [Select]
<FRAMEOBJECT InID="22317" XPOS="0" YPOS="0" OwnPage="-1" ItemID="220624816" ... PFILE="C:/Pictures/autre/2023-01-09 14_58_11-.png" ...>
Scripts and Plugins / Re: Python script API: How to access elements within groups?
« Last post by sbordag on January 09, 2023, 11:15:45 am »
Thanks for trying to help there!

Unfortunately, using selectObject requires something to be selected first, and the selectObject function also throws scribus.NoValidObjectError: Object not found

Thus, I still can't access elements within groups (or even elements within groups within groups...)

I think it's really simply that whoever implemented getAllObjects and the selectObject functions simply forgot that grouping could be a thing... Now, I am at a loss on how to proceed...
Layout Issues / Re: 5-Fold Document - HowTo ?
« Last post by warmaster on January 09, 2023, 09:21:20 am »

2. Attempt (promising)
I again edited the source file and took the PageSet "3-fold" and changed it to columns=5 and added 2 more PageNames using any of the existing "Middle", "Left Page" ..... some of them twice

Selecting 3-Fold in Document Layout gave me a very promising 5-Fold preview  :) -  but before spending days of work I would appretiate any feedback about any drawbacks with this proceeding or an example/howto.

I could not find useful documentation about the PageSets.
Can someone please confirm:

#) The "Name=" in <set> refers to an somewhere hardcoded  name and need to be any of "2-Fold","3-Fold",... Changing it to "AnyName" is not valid.

#) The "Name=" in <PageNames> referes to pre-defined MasterNames. I could not select a Master  initially but can assign one later for an individual Page.

It would be great if someone knowledgeable shared a 5 fold template. I really need this.
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