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I want Document Setup > Sections > Name > "foo" to appear as a variable in a master page.  I can do this with page number ="#". How do I specify the name variable?
Beginner Talk / Re: Image frame cross lines not appearing (not possible to "get image")
« Last post by Ronald on December 22, 2021, 05:34:33 pm »
Now I've separated the 84 page document into 3 separate ones and that works, so the main cause must be memory of my computer. Good to finally understand for future projects. I was about to give up on Scribus because I couldn't find the issue.

Thanks RodneyLee for the kind replies and patience with a rookie.

For future Scribus beginners take this potential root cause into consideration so you don't have to search endlessly what the problem is.
PDF Generation / Re: File | Export | Save as PDF... - Causes crash SIG11
« Last post by ScribusRibus on December 22, 2021, 02:52:05 pm »
hi scribusribus

if you can reproduce the crash with another file, you should open a bug report. if it's just this single file, it's up to you. but that's the place where the developers might jump in…


Hi utnik,

I'm having trouble re-creating the problem, although I have no problem observing the behaviour with a minimal document.

It seems that it is a combination of a deleted character style, that is still applied to some of the text in a table cell (even though when I removed the style the option to apply "No Style" was offered and accepted), that has no borders (which was a case of Russian Roulette as to whether it worked or not), will cause Scribus to crash when exporting to PDF.

I have one table with one cell left of the original document as a working example of what causes the crash.

Also, there is a subtle additional issue that when the deleted, but still applied somewhere, character style is present in the document, when attempting to export to PDF and selecting the "Fonts" tab to "Embed all" or "Subset all" fonts in the PDF export dialog, this will also cause Scribus to crash with a SIG11. - Reproducing this is a level of Russian Roulette that is beyond me! :-/

Removing the borders from a table or cell seems to be very "hit and miss" or perhaps a "convoluted" and nuanced affair for me with Scribus v1.5.5 - the UI suggests the border has been removed, ie. no lines are selected in the "Properties" dialog and the line is apparently removed, yet when I preview, or move away from the table object, the settings do not stick. ???

Sometimes making the line width 0 and colour None does the trick - but that's not really removing the border line. :-/

It appears that when you select a table or enter a cell, all borders are active in the preferences dialog - regardless of what you had previously selected to be active - and sometimes they are how you left them, as desired. This is not always the case, I presume I must be missing something...

The only way to remove or change what you had previously selected to be active borders, need to be selected exactly as you had intended them to be - before you can amend the line width or colour, or even remove the desired border setting from the cell or table entirely. Additionally the table borders overlap with each other, which actually prevents being able to have cells with a full border of a specific colour that differs from it's neighbours.

I challenge someone to provide me with the steps needed to selectively produce a combination of borders to a table and/or cell, with varying colour and width and/or style that I can apply and get the same result as they did by following said steps. :-) lol

Just to be clear, I'm not bashing Scribus in any way, I just happen to find issues with things... be that either a bug, or a process for something.

Again, I wholeheartedly appreciate all of your suggestions/help - Scribus is a breath of fresh air when compared to MS Word, or even LibreOffice Writer when it comes to layout!  8)


PS. I have attached two files demonstrating the issues I see. Hopefully nobody experiences the same issues, but if you do please report what version of Scribus you are using and I will gladly update.  8)
Text and Typography / Re: how to right align a list numbered with Roman numerals
« Last post by Ewac on December 22, 2021, 10:42:50 am »
I have a similar problem and I tried to use tab stops. Which works fine if you have one line for each list item. If you have more lines you need to add tabs manually for each line, which can be difficult if you end up making changes to your style later on. Also, it does not work with automated hyphenation, but you would have to manually add your hyphenation and then add the tabs.
Doable but a lot of extra work for something that I would think many people use. The numbered lists have different issues that need to be improved, so maybe this should be suggested as a feature as well.
Yes, this is what I mean, when I say I need to trigger hyphenation manually, I have to select the text frame, go to extras, hyphenate text. When working with many text frames that are not linked, this gets a bit tiresome, hence the question if there is an easier solution.
Installation and Setup / Scribus appimage file are included "additional data" from PPA ?
« Last post by Aug on December 22, 2021, 07:13:44 am »
I not see how have a information support about Scribus thus I have created a issue.

In link below
have details about "Additional data, color profiles, templates, and auxiliary applications" being installed when using distro ubuntu apt-get scribus from PPA.

In Scribus appimage include all additional data above ( scribus-template , icc-profiles , lprof and podofo ) ?
If not is included if installing using PPA deb files works with appimage release ?
Thanks for reply.
Layout Issues / Re: Baseline grid creates weird spaces
« Last post by Ewac on December 22, 2021, 04:10:59 am »
Thank you so much for your effort. I tried it and it really only occurs with the capital Umlaut in this particular font. Will report the bug. Thanks!
Beginner Talk / Re: Linked text boxes: text re-starts from beginning
« Last post by Katewerk on December 21, 2021, 06:38:29 pm »
I am observing an unexpected behavior in version

I have three pages, each page contains a text box, and all these text boxes are linked to each other so that a long multi-paragraph text overflows from page 1 to page 2 to page 3. And it works great.

Then I add an image box to page 2 and configure it so that text flows around the shape of this box. And it works fine to - text on page 2 flows around the image as expected.

Then strange things begin to happen. If I make the image on page 2 big enough to displace the text from page 2 entirely, the text on page 3 restarts from the beginning, instead of continuing from page 1. So I end up with page 3 showing the same text as page 1, which is obviously not good. All text boxes continue to be linked.

Interestingly enough, this unexpected behavior occurs only when the paragraphs in the text have either "don't separate first >0 lines" or "do not split the paragraph" options on. At the same time "don't separate last >0 lines" does not cause the problem. So seems like some sort of a bug.

Did anyone encounter this behavior and is there a workaround?

I've been having repeated problems with this behavior, and simply deleting the repeated text isn't a good workaround. The problem reoccurs nearly every time I save the working file. The worst part is that if uncorrected, it can delay or even prevent the file from opening the next time you want to work on it. It has nothing to do with image boxes, by the way. It can occur even in text boxes that have only a few lines of content.

My question is where do I find those options to turn the paragraphs options off?

Layout Issues / Re: Baseline grid creates weird spaces
« Last post by utnik on December 21, 2021, 10:12:18 am »
hi ewac

ok – that was it.
the problem is related to the umlaut. if you delete the 'Ü', the two spaces will disappear.
i don't know much about the metrics tables of a font file. it might be a wrong definition of the hight of the glyph in the 'vollkorn' font or just a scribus bug.
…but it's a bug in scribus anyway. even if the font shows a problem, scribus should not skip a grid line. and it skips two of them!
you should file a bug report. i suppose jean ghali can tell you what's wrong – and probably fix it!

Layout Issues / Re: Baseline grid creates weird spaces
« Last post by Ewac on December 21, 2021, 09:22:05 am »
does this work? Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and willingness to help
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