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Text and Typography / Unicode - Hebrew
« Last post by SouEu on May 16, 2022, 01:46:47 pm »
Hello all,

I just opened an old project from 5 years ago which was written ain Hebrew,
but now, it all appears from Left to right instead of Right to left
Is there a way of changing the unicode of all the work?

I tried downloading previous versions and it didn't help

Beginner Talk / Re: Collaborative work in Teams/Sharepoint environment?
« Last post by AdmFubar on May 15, 2022, 10:25:36 pm »
I don't know if you are doing saving the file this way. but you my want to use the "collect for output" for saving the slaw files as it collects all your images and  .sla together in it's own sub folder. You wont have to do it manually then.

I really think this should be the default save action for scribus.
Beginner Talk / Re: Collaborative work in Teams/Sharepoint environment?
« Last post by StephanP on May 14, 2022, 11:36:28 pm »
So, for weeks the team has been working on some 40 two-page documents into which the Yearbook to be was seperated.
I had two reasons for seperating the 80 page document:
  • Damage control. If something goes really bad, then it's not with the full document.
  • Performance. I wasn't sure how Scribus would hold on a image heavy 80 page document

Last week I've started merging all facing pages into the one single document.
I must say that this went without a single issue.
  • I created a new folder at the same level as all folders for the seperated facing pages
  • There I created a new all-in-one scribus document
  • Next, I copied all objects from the original documents into the all-in-one
  • Nothing broke, including the many external images (thanks to the relative path references)
  • I adapted the master pages to include a background image
  • And, O wonder! With 80 image heavy pages, Scribus is performing quite smoothly!
  • My decision to switch from the utterly sluggish MS Publisher to Scribus was a good one
Beginner Talk / Re: Background image on all pages
« Last post by StephanP on May 14, 2022, 11:14:42 pm »
Thanks. I got it working perfectly
That is what i wasn't sure about. In the paragraph styles there are two tabs in the style editor one for paragraphs and one for characters. You may just need to select the characters tab, or words you want to apply the style to, and just use the character styles and not make any changes to the paragraph styles. 'm not certain that this is how it will work as I've not tried it. it would be worth a shot for you to try.

Update: I tried editing a paragraph style to adjust  just character properties. then applying to just a few words in some text. Doesn't work.

Time for a feature request to the developers as this seems a very necessary option to have.
MacOS / Re: Version 1.7.0 for macOS
« Last post by toyotadesigner on May 14, 2022, 10:02:46 pm »
Hi Utnik, thanks a ton for your information, that trick is a real time saver!
MacOS / Re: Version 1.7.0 for macOS
« Last post by utnik on May 14, 2022, 07:52:24 pm »
hi toyotadesigner

OK, the 1.7.0 for macOS is available. I was wondering that there was no version 1.6.0…

1.6.x will be the next stable branch. 1.7.0 is a way to keep developing things that may not make it to 1.6.0…

…I had to learn the hard way that the files I have modified with 1.7.0 are not backwards compatible, so if you should use the new version, make sure you have a backup of your old files.

well. at he moment the hard way isn't that hard. the files are still compatible, but scribus doesn't know that – and it may change with the next 1.7 release…
you just need to open the .sla file in a text editor and change the version number in the first line to '1.5.8' and scribus 1.5.8 will open it again.

MacOS / Re: Version 1.7.0 for macOS
« Last post by RodneyLee on May 14, 2022, 03:27:32 pm »
where did you find 1.7.0, I don't see it on the Scribus website
Features / Suggestion: 'copy style' and 'paste style' tools/function
« Last post by calzen on May 14, 2022, 02:02:53 pm »
Currently, in order to apply a new paragraph or character style to a selection, you need to change a pick list value. This is tedious when you need to apply the same style repeatedly to many different selections.

Suggestion: add functionality that allows copying the style applied to one selection and pasting to another; include keyboard shortcuts

A few applications that implement this are:

MS Word - the 'format painter' tool
Apple Pages - 'copy style' and 'paste style' in the 'Format' menu
Adobe InDesign - the 'eyedropper' tool

Consider this example, where the paragraphs have a paragraph style, and I want to format the 'step x:' text one way, and certain other words another way:

Step 1: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Ut a sapien. Aliquam aliquet purus molestie dolor. Integer quis eros ut erat posuere dictum. Special words. Integer orci. Fusce vulputate lacus at ipsum. Quisque in libero nec mi laoreet volutpat. Aliquam eros pede, scelerisque quis, tristique cursus, placerat convallis, velit. Nam condimentum. Nulla ut mauris. Curabitur adipiscing, mauris non dictum aliquam, arcu risus dapibus diam, nec sollicitudin quam erat quis ligula. Aenean massa nulla, volutpat eu, accumsan et, fringilla eget, odio. Nulla placerat More special words.porta justo. Nulla vitae turpis. Praesent lacus.
Step 2: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Quisque vel erat eget diam consectetuer iaculis. Cras ante velit, suscipit et, porta tempus, dignissim quis, magna. Vivamus viverra, turpis nec rhoncus ultricies, diam turpis eleifend nisl, a eleifend ante felis ac sapien. Integer bibendum. Suspendisse in mi non neque bibendum convallis. Suspendisse potenti. Sed sit amet purus at felis adipiscing aliquam. Vivamus et nisl sit amet mauris aliquet molestie. Integer tortor massa, aliquam a, lacinia nonummy, sagittis nec, eros. Nunc non mauris id eros venenatis adipiscing. Cras et lectus ut nisl pharetra ornare. Yet more special words.Proin leo risus, elementum eget, ultrices vitae, molestie sed, erat. Curabitur et lectus in tellus egestas hendrerit. Sed dapibus ipsum. Quisque sit amet ligula. Suspendisse odio dolor, semper id, feugiat quis, sodales id, mauris. Curabitur id ligula ac libero malesuada pharetra.
Step 3: Nulla facilisi. Nam varius ante dignissim arcu. Suspendisse molestie dignissim neque. Suspendisse leo ipsum, rutrum cursus, malesuada id, dapibus sed, urna. Fusce sollicitudin laoreet diam. Mauris eu quam eget nulla fermentum adipiscing. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Morbi ut odio vitae Special words.eros luctus luctus. Ut diam. Phasellus ullamcorper arcu vitae wisi. Pellentesque urna odio, varius eget, dignissim quis, vehicula placerat, nunc. Ut nec metus quis nulla posuere eleifend.

Sure, I can just bold and italicise each instance rather than applying a character style. But I'm not sure yet if I want to bold, italicise, maybe even change colour or case, etc, so I have a character style for the 'step' words and a different character style for the 'special words'.

In Pages, I can manually set the style for the first 'step' to my custom character style, and:

1) click into the word(s) that I've just set style
2) press keyboard shortcut for Copy Style
3) select the next text I want to apply the style to
4) press keyboard shortcut for Paste Style -- character style is now applied to that text
5) repeat 3 and 4 till done
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