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Title: creating booklet
Post by: m s narayanan on April 19, 2017, 03:18:24 pm
dear all

i am a newbie for scribus.

i am having correspondence/photos etc which are about 50 years old.  these are all kept in a bunch.
my intention is to have them in an album/booklets.
i thougt that this can be done using scribus.
the following steps i have done but i am unable to insert pdf/images in the pages:

1. took photos of the documents and converted them to pdf
2. opened scribus and selected 10 pages
3. by clicking insert, i selected image frame
4. selected insert image
5. selected one of the pdf files

result this that the page shows part of the pdf file and not as thse size of the original size

shall be thankful if you will please guide me.


m s narayanan
Title: Re: creating booklet
Post by: GarryP on April 20, 2017, 10:59:21 am
Welcome to the forum.

I think the first question has to be: Why did you convert the images to PDFs?

Scribus can handle most normal image formats - JPG, GIF, PNG, etc - within image frames so conversion to PDF first is not necessary.

Because of this I am curious as to why you converted to PDF before importing them into Scribus. Did some documentation somewhere tell you that was what you had to do? Or did someone recommend doing it? Or was there something about Scribus that suggested that was what you needed to do?

I ask the question because I think I can remember someone else doing that same thing a while ago but I cannot remember the details.

If there is bad documentation/advice out there somewhere then it needs to be edited or removed. (Then again, you might have had a perfectly legitimate reason for converting to PDF so the question has to be asked.)
Title: Re: creating booklet
Post by: m s narayanan on April 20, 2017, 07:34:49 pm
dear sir
Thanks for your reply.
I would like to inform that i did convert image to pdf
Since I thought cut and paste may work.
 nobody suggested nor did i come across any
From your post i understand that each
Document has to be photographed or scanned to get then posted in scribus pages.  am i correct.

I am 82 years old and am going through the tutorials.

In the above context kindly let me know to create an album as i mentioned in my maiden post.

M S Narayanan

Title: Re: creating booklet
Post by: GarryP on April 21, 2017, 11:58:36 am
If you are taking a photograph that is being stored in a RAW format - unusual for most consumer cameras, but possible if your camera is a good one - then you will have to convert the image to something that Scribus can use. You can see which image types Scribus can use by creating an image frame, then right-clicking and choosing "Get Image..." from the context-sensitive menu. The list of usable image types can be found in the "Files of Type" drop-down. If your image is not in one of the formats listed then you will have to convert it but that would be rare as Scribus can use most normal image types.

You do not need to convert an image to PDF for use in Scribus. You can convert it to a PDF for other uses but Scribus can handle normal images perfectly well. If you have an image converted to PDF then Scribus should be able to use it but the conversion is not necessary.

I do not know which tutorials you are going through but if you thought that conversion to PDF was, for some reason, necessary then I would suggest that the tutorials might need some adjustment to make it clearer that no conversion is needed.

IMPORTANT: Do not cut and paste images into Scribus unless you absolutely need to for some specific reason. You should normally only use the "Get Image..." function instead. (Pasting an image into Scribus is useful for some reasons but you probably will not need to do so.)

As for creating an album, I cannot really give any specific advice as each type of album is different. One bit of general advice would be to create some standard layouts and copy those layouts to the Scrapbook so you can use them again and again. This article might be useful although I have not been through it myself to see how good the advice is.
Title: Re: creating booklet
Post by: m s narayanan on April 21, 2017, 03:02:20 pm
dear sir
Thank you very much for your detailed post.
I shall follow the methods suggested by you.
Once I complete the project i shall intimate you.
If i face any problem i may seek your assistance.

One more doubt - can anybody open the file if sent to others who may not have scribus software in their computers.
Thank you very much.
Title: Re: creating booklet
Post by: GarryP on April 21, 2017, 04:20:03 pm
You are welcome.

I do not keep up with the forum as much as I used to - sometimes I don't log in for days - but if you ask a question you will normally get an answer within a day or two. For new questions it is better to start a new thread. This keeps things organised and makes it easier for other people to find the information.

People who do not have Scribus installed cannot open the Scribus SLA files but anyone with a PDF reader can view the exported output. (To be more exact, anyone can open an SLA file in a text editor but they will not be able to see what the document looks like.)

If you want other people to be able to open your SLA - with Scribus - you should use the "File -> Collect For Output" function. This function makes a new folder containing copies of the SLA and all of the fonts and images you have used in the SLA. You can then ZIP the folder and send it to anyone you wish. If you share only the SLA itself, images and fonts are not included with it.