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Title: disappearing font in pdf
Post by: Karela on March 23, 2014, 02:28:57 am
I have a page of logos with the same name of the organization 4 times in different fonts, and when I exported to pdf, ONE of the names disappeared. It was a true type font and I checked the option "embed all fonts". The problem was easily solved when I converted to outlines, but I was wondering if it is normally necessary to convert to outlines before exporting?

I ask because this was a single page with 4 similar logos, hence easy enough to see a problem, but in a 50 page book this could be the kind of thing that escapes only to be noticed post-print. My previous experience was with Freehand, where conversion to outlines was also necessary, but cumbersome because linked text boxes (i.e. over the page) had to be unlinked first. I was hoping to avoid this in scribus...
Title: Re: disappearing font in pdf
Post by: Nermander on March 23, 2014, 10:28:27 am
In Scribus today the terminology used is sometimes confusing, but some types of Open Type fonts can currently not be embedded (IIRC there's info in the manual about it).

There is also the issue that an Open Type font might have a size of 10-15 MB, embedding a handfull of such fonts will make the PDF substantionally larger.