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Title: export files with CLI
Post by: roipoussiere on October 07, 2015, 03:41:31 pm
I need to convert .ai (Adobe Illustrator) files to .svg with a batch processing, in order to edit them in Inkscape.

With Inkscape CLI, I can do this :
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inkscape -z -l drawing.svg drawing.aiThe problem is that Inkscape doesn't convert layers and groups informations : all elements are ungrouped and appears at the same level... but I need these groups.

Then I discovered Scribus, I tried to import a .ai file and export it in .svg, and surprise ! It works very well, I get the groups informations ! :-) However I do this with the GUI. I would like to know if there are a way to do it with the CLI.

I know I can do that :
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scribus -ns -g drawing.aiBut is there a way to export the file in a desired extension?

Note that I also tried to convert ai to svg with others tools such as ImageMagick, GhostScript, Uniconvertor, ... but they doesn't work very well.

Thanks you !

Title: Re: export files with CLI
Post by: Kunda on October 07, 2015, 11:12:54 pm
Check out:

also post your question on the ML
lots of pythonistas on there