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Title: PDF with CMYK instead of RGB
Post by: scribubuntu on October 30, 2014, 11:19:40 pm
If I render/save the file as pdf will it be in RGB or CMYK colours?
The document setup and color managment let me choose profiles for RGB and CMYK pictures and more. But I don't know how to find out whether the pictures used in the file are RGB or CMYK.
When I use printer and choose color profile, there is no specific option to save it as CMYK.

I copied the script ( into a text file and added .py as ending and executed that file/script within Scribus. I did not get any positive or negative feedback. So I am not sure if something happened.

Can anybody enlighten me ;-)?
Title: Re: PDF with CMYK instead of RGB
Post by: Nermander on October 31, 2014, 10:15:54 am

“Screen/Web”: the PDF file is created in RGB mode. Use this option, if the PDF should be displayed on screens or will be printed to desktop printers.
“Grayscale”: all colors are converted to grayscale Note that for precise control of image conversions, you should use an image editor, especially when images come from different sources.
“Printer”: the document will be color separated and the resulting PDF file uses the CMYK mode. This output intent offers some additional options:
Title: Re: PDF with CMYK instead of RGB
Post by: scribubuntu on October 31, 2014, 10:58:14 am
Hi Nermander!
Thanks for the quick and helpful answer. It is good to know that if you choose "Printer", it will choose the CMYK mode.
In the meantime the Color Options of the PDF have changed as Scribus has progressed and there are more options to choose. What do you suggest regarding the use of Color Profiles? And which one to choose?

The printshop I will use, recommended the profile "ISO Coated v2 300%", but I can only choose it for the CMYK images in the document setup/color managment (but not in the pdf-save-window) and I set it accordingly. Will this profile be used when I check "use color profile" in the save-as-pdf-window?

What is meant with solid colors? Is a Color profile needed for this, too?

Thanks for your patience as I am new with this part of scribus. I only used Web/Screen so far.