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Title: Shortcuts for Styles and Shortcut-Mode
Post by: iltis30 on August 22, 2013, 09:03:00 am
my english is very basic, so sorry for my clumsy diction. ((-;

- For working typographically fast und efficiently, it would be very very useful
if i can define a shortcut for every Style (Paragraph and character). I think its easy to develop.

- Shortcut-Mode my suggestion doing shortcut-assings in a very modern way.
I found this method in several music-Applications like Ableton Live. Or a bit like the Scripting-Mode in Photoshop.

A Button or a Menu-Entry thats calles "Shortcut Define Mode", that brings the whole Interface in a special Mode.
You Click on any Button, field or Menu and then you can define a shortcut for this funktion in a small dialog. Or - if its a Field like Font-Size, you can define a "+" or "-" Shortcut. If you are finished, you end the special-Mode and go back to work.

Easy to handle for the user. Dificult to develop?

Cheers from Hamburg