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Scribus forums / Re: Post with images?
« Last post by utnik on September 05, 2021, 12:59:33 am »
hi joymaker

did you see 'attachments and other options' below the input field?

Scribus forums / Post with images?
« Last post by Joymaker on September 03, 2021, 06:23:19 pm »
This "simple machines" forum interface seems to me anything but simple. I am a new user. I came here to ask a question. To ask a question effectively I need to embed a small screenshot in my post. I see a button where I can "attach" something. But no way to make it appear as an image in my post. Alt-p and the Preview button do nothing.  I see a button that would let me add an image. It inserts codes [ img ] [ /img ] (spaces added to prevent it from being treated as a code) with no clue as to how to provide the content therein.

Isn't there a perfectly ordinary "upload an image and insert it here" button somewhere in here? Or am I forced to do it in these two separate stages and somehow hook them together?

Running in Chrome under Windows 10 Home.

Text and Typography / Re: Numbering and page numbering using Devanagari numerals
« Last post by Ewac on September 03, 2021, 02:24:58 pm »
I know this is an old topic, but I have the same issue with the Khmer language. I already filed a bug reply and requested Khmer to be added in the list of number styles for page numbers and lists...
However, I wonder if anyone has found a work-around that I could use in the meantime. Something that is more efficient than C&P a text frame and manually adding the numbers on each page..
Beginner Talk / Re: Creating lines for answers in a workbook
« Last post by Ewac on September 02, 2021, 06:24:49 am »
It finally worked! To be honest, I'm not completely sure how or why, I was just desperately changing random settings.
Following utniks last comment I set the tab as close as possible to the edge of the frame, trying by the tenth of millimeters how far I can go, without it  creating a line break. For the first point that has two answer lines, I added a zero width space at the end of the line to create a line break without taking away from the length of the line and then continued with tab (because a regular line break would create another bullet point). I then manually set a left tab for the second line to match the beginning with the line above.

If this continues to work well, I have found my solution for creating the lines. If not, I'll pick the topic up again later  ;D

Thank you for your help! It is much appreciated.
PDF Generation / Re: PDF Forms sometimes unable to print
« Last post by Wolf-Tilmann on September 01, 2021, 11:10:14 pm »
Thank you,

I added one of my forms.
I used an other editor to delet all company parts. (I hope  :D)
Trying to pint failed.

While readaing source conde I wonder. Some parts are twice.
Code: [Select]
                <DefaultStyle PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="EUR"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="USD"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="GBP"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="DKK"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="NOK"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="SEK"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="CHF"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="RUB"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="PLN"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="CZK"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="HRK"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="AUD"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="CAD"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="TRY"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="JPY"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="CNY"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>
                <ITEXT FONTSIZE="10" CH="INR"/>
                <para PARENT="Eingabe links"/>

Thank you.

best Greetings
Beginner Talk / Re: creating visiting-card
« Last post by Eos on September 01, 2021, 09:52:38 pm »
Thank you all.
I see for working with Scribus i need to think in an other way i'm used. Will take some time and al lot of experiment.
But i think Scribus is a nice program.
Raster and Vector Graphics / Re: problem with the table entry ?.
« Last post by RobSay on September 01, 2021, 05:37:13 pm »
What sort of frame is Scribus using to show this content from Inkscape?
a) It's a vector diagram (with lots of shapes) .. copied from Inkscape or imported Vector File
b) It's an image frame showing a png, jpg or other exported from Inkscape
( I use both of these approaches depending on need and purpose )

Does the image look blurry in the generated PDF?

If it does the problem is probably with the source image that Scribus is trying to render.

If not and the PDF is clear - it's probably the preview setting on the image: By default Scribus will display images at a reduced resolution to save memory - high res images can therefore look blurry in the application. When you generate the PDF the image will be rendered at the resolution defined in the export (300 dpi by default). Within Scribus you can right click on the image and change the preview settings to 'Full Resolution'.
Raster and Vector Graphics / problem with the table entry ?.
« Last post by jackyjoy123 on September 01, 2021, 05:10:07 pm »

With Scribus I made a catalog. Table that I need I'm done with Inkscape and then I transferred it to the Scribus. Everything was OK. Then I translate the same table in another language and everything was fine again. But when I translated this table in the following language,   the table was after transfer in Scribus out of focus . What is wrong.

PDF Generation / Re: PDF Forms sometimes unable to print
« Last post by utnik on September 01, 2021, 03:23:34 pm »
hi wolf

I am not able to attach my forms. Because they include to much about my company.

you could generate (and share) a test form with fake content – but with the same printing issue.

PDF Generation / Re: Embedding fonts on PDF export crashes Scribus
« Last post by utnik on September 01, 2021, 03:20:04 pm »
hi mika

i use scribus at least since version, mostly on macOS, but sometimes on windows and ubuntu linux as well, and i never saw something like your crash.
without one of your files (might be a test file without any real content) it's hard to spot the reason for the crash.

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