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Text and Typography / Styles in import process
Last post by Potorato - June 09, 2024, 12:43:31 PM
Hello, I have a question about text import. I prepare the text in LibreOffice, where I apply some basic styles. From the text box in Scribus, I import the text without any issues and with the styles. The problem arises when I modify the original text in LibreOffice and re-import it into Scribus. I have two options: import only the text, which makes me lose the styles, or import with styles, but for some reason, it duplicates them instead of keeping only the existing ones. Is it not possible to import the corrected text while maintaining the current styles? Thank you.
Beginner Talk / Scribus Suggested as a Way to ...
Last post by Muttleytm - June 09, 2024, 03:12:31 AM
I'd like to create a document with two or three layers that I'd like the ability to toggle the visibility of each layer on and off, maybe adjust transparency, color, etc as well.

The layers would be image files and basically a very old map and another current map and perhaps aerial photos, etc.

I'd also like it viewable (with working controls) so people could view it with just a pdf viewer (maybe a specific on) or perhaps a browser.

My image started out as a TIF file for one and a vector file for the other (the current map). I have them in QGIS and toggle them on and off, as I'd like but really can't share them with anyone unless they too want to install QGIS.  QGIS allows me to export layers as layered geo pdfs however, sort of. It works if the layer is a vector file, but not for a raster file like a TIFF.

It sounds like with Adobe Acrobat Pro this can be done, but it relies on a lot of Javascript coding I know nothing about and Adobe support and their support community is not very helpful.

It's been suggested that this can be done with Scribus. I've just looked around a little and see I can have controllable layers within Scribus. I don't see any way to add a control to a document. I do see that I can enter javascripts. Just searching the web I saw some mention of plugins for various things for Scribus, but in looking over the options I haven't found any listings for plugins. So maybe that is something that no more.

I also want the image files stored in the document or saved as local files. I had looked into doing things totally with javascript but I was told it won't work with local files as a security measure by design.

Thanks for any knowledge or helpful info in advance.
PDF Generation / Re: PDFs greater than 4Gb 'nee...
Last post by AdmFubar - June 07, 2024, 02:43:33 PM
are you using  thee 32 bit? or 64 bit version if scribus?
PDF Generation / Re: Enhancing Scribus PDFs wit...
Last post by Nermander - June 07, 2024, 02:09:12 PM
I wonder what was there before a.l.e inserted the image? :)
PDF Generation / PDFs greater than 4Gb 'need re...
Last post by kiwi_steve - June 07, 2024, 06:37:23 AM
Hi all, I have just spent a frustrating week back and forth with my printers for a book I have written in Scribus 1.5.8 over the last 4 years (it's worth noting I tried upgrading to Scribus 1.6 a while back, but it crashes every time I try opening the 1.5.8 file... so I have stuck with the older version).

The entire book is over 400 pages and has nearly 900 images, some very big.  With 'Compress Text and Vector Graphics' turned off during PDF creation, it comes out at 8.7Gb in size. 

This file will (unhappily) open in Acrobat Reader - I get a small window popup, titled 'Rebuild', and with the message 'This file is damaged but is being repaired'. After 20 seconds or so, the file opens, and looks fine.  The printers can't work with it, though.  This was terrifying for me for a while there, as I thought all my work was going to have to be redone in some expensive software that I don't know how to use, and don't want to have to buy or rent...

I eventually sent it in 4 smaller sections, which their printing system was able to reassemble, and so it looks like they can actually print it (I'll know more next week)... but it took some figuring out on their and my part.

Since then, I have made some trial exports to try and work out what is happening (each build takes quite a while to run) - if I set 'Compress Text and Vector Graphics' on, with Image Quality compression to None, and Maximum Image Resolution to 220DPI, the file size comes in at 3.7Gb, and the PDF will open just fine.  If I set the max DPI to 240DPI, the file size in 4.3Gb, and it throws the Rebuild warning.

My takeaway from this (at the moment, I am still experimenting) is that 4Gb, or thereabouts, is a limit.  I'm old enough to remember FAT32 (and possibly plain old FAT before that, but I'm not prepared to confirm that  ;D ) and the 4Gb file size limit associated with it... is this possibly something related?

Anyway, I would love to know if there is something about large PDFs created in Scribus that is causing this problem... I've tried searching for that Rebuild error message relating to Acrobat, but it gets drowned out by the more common failed to open, corrupted PDF error and the one link I did find, really didn't tell me anything useful.  I was also unable to find anything related to large PDFs in Scribus, other than a lot of people complaining about the PDF file size that Scribus creates (I don't really care about the size, I just want the printer to be able to take the PDF and turn it into a nice shiny book).

Has anyone struck this, or better - does anyone know why this is happening - or does anyone have a sensible workaround other than to limit the DPI during export (it's essentially a large-format picture book, so I don't want to reduce the quality or DPI of the images if I can avoid it).

Cheers, Steve
PDF Generation / Enhancing Scribus PDFs with SE...
Last post by loonst - June 06, 2024, 02:44:58 PM
Hello Scribus Community,
As many of us use Scribus to create high-quality PDFs and digital publications, I thought it would be valuable to discuss how we can optimize these documents for search engines. By enhancing our Scribus-generated PDFs with proper SEO techniques, we can improve their visibility and accessibility online.
Discussion Points:
1.    Metadata Magic:
o    How do you add and optimize metadata in your Scribus PDFs?
o    What types of metadata (title, author, keywords, description) are most effective for SEO?
2.    Keyword Integration:
o    What are the best practices for incorporating relevant keywords into your PDF content?
o    How do you ensure that your keywords enhance discoverability without compromising readability?
3.    File Naming Conventions:
o    How important are file names for SEO, and what naming conventions do you use for your Scribus PDFs?
o    Share tips on creating SEO-friendly file names that accurately reflect the content.
4.    Optimizing PDF Content:
o    How do you structure your PDF content to be SEO-friendly?
o    Discuss the use of headings, subheadings, and other formatting techniques to improve SEO.
5.    Linking Strategies:
o    How do you incorporate internal and external links in your PDFs to boost SEO?
o    Share examples of effective linking strategies that enhance both SEO and user experience.
6.    File Size and Performance:
o    What techniques do you use to optimize the file size of your Scribus PDFs for faster loading times without sacrificing quality?
o    Discuss the impact of file size on SEO and user engagement.
7.    Tools and Resources:
o    Are there any tools or plugins you use to check and improve the SEO of your PDFs?
o    Share any online resources or guides that have helped you in optimizing your Scribus PDFs.
8.    Real-World Examples:
o    Have you seen tangible improvements in visibility or traffic after optimizing your PDFs for SEO? Share your experiences and case studies.
o    What challenges have you faced in the process, and how did you overcome them?

Let's use this thread to share our tips, tricks, and experiences in enhancing the SEO of our Scribus PDFs. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, your insights can help us all make our digital publications more discoverable and impactful.
Looking forward to your contributions!

after mrb's post i had a short look into what are hyphenation dictionaries...

  • mrb's link brings as to the list of all dictionaries for libreoffice
  • i had a look on the italian and french "folders"
  • in both cases the hyphenation dictionary was converted from the existing latex one (
  • there seem to be no maltese dictionaries for libreoffice or latex
  • there is a maltese page for libreoffice but it does not seem to contain any link / resource specific to your language:

so what you can do now?

i guess that the best is to get in touch with the libreoffice community or maintainer of a language that is close to maltese and see with them what you need to do for creating the language files for your language.

this having been said, i don't see any language pack for the european smaller / minority languages so it might be something that is hard to create / maintain...
You can just move or copy the files. Not sure why you would want to do that though?
Scribus uses the same format that libreoffice etc uses. We include a couple by default, but otherwise rely on a few options, sourced from the system via packages, via a LibreOffice etc install, or people can use the Scribus Resource Manager window to download them. Most of them are sourced via There's nothing there with the "mt" language either. It is not obvious that libreoffice has something elsewhere either. There may be a Maltese community that does this sort of work though such an an educational institution, ministry etc.
I suppose its not that hard to create the file but I don't know the formatting myself.
I'm using Scribus to format a book in Maltese. There is no hyphenation dictionary for this language. Are there guides to creating a hyphenation dictionary? What is the format used? I would appreciate any pointers.