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I checked the roadmap and I could not find if this feature is on the bucket list.   I have been using a image for a text header.  Just basically the Text done as Art.  Just image the word "Time" and Turning the T into a Clock.

So if I have

text text text
text text

Text Text Text Text

And if I had more words to the text above, the Time symbol should flow down the page. 

Right now I am having to manually move the Image around once I am done with text pagination. 


You can have inline images, it will work for what you want. (I don't remember straight out of my mind how to do them.)


Ah your post got me going in the right direction.  I took the image as created on the graphics layer and just cut in paste into text layer.

A couple of caveats:
1) Create a lot of white space before pasting.  Then paste into the white space then delete what is not needed.  Otherwise the image will lay right on top of the text and you can select the image. 
2) You can't select the image once pasted.  Hmmm, this is good and bad all at once.  It will solve my working problems and speed up pagination. 
Thanks Nermander!