Desperately seeking special hanging indent

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I have been battling for days to create a Story Editor style for displaying crossword clues. I need to have the clue numbers in bold lining up neatly and right-aligned, with a 2mm space separating the clue (in roman)  from the number. The first character of the second line of the clue (if there is one) to line up under the first character of the first clue, etc. Once long ago it seemed so simple in Pagemaker, but now in Scribus I struggle to right-align the clue number, displaying it in bold while keeping the clue itself in roman. Is there a fairy god parent out there who could assume me to be an absolute dummy (which I am, really) and tell me step by step how to achieve my professional looking clues? I would be most grateful to hear from you.


hi leondup

usually this job is done with tables – unfortunately tables don't work well in scribus (better table support is in the pipeline...)

if you can find a solution for the bold numbers, the rest is easy.
take a look at my screenshot!

there are two tab stops: a right one at 10mm and a left one at 12mm
the bold numbers are set as 'bold' by hand – there i don't have a good solution (and no time to think about...)



Hi Utnik
Thanks for that. Perhaps going without bold numbers isgoing to be the best I can hope for, for the time being. Any idea how long this pipeline is? One possible solution I did try was to create and format the clues in OpenOffice Write, save it with a specified extension which I can't recall and import that (this was something I picked up in my searches, but like a fool I didn't bookmark it and have yet to find it again), any thoughts?
Thanks a ton for your help!


For a list of references in the journal I end, I'd wanted to have a hanging indent for each reference.  Using the available documentation:

I tried to use various sources of documentation to create a Hanging Indent Style.  I click in the document and use Edit, Styles, New, Hanging indent, and click on the lower left box (left indent) to make it 1p, which invokes -1 in the first line indent box.   I click Apply and Done, and that saves the style.  Next I go to the document, click Edit, Edit Text, and in the left margin where it says No Style, click, chose hanging indent from the dropdown box, and voila! 

Doing so, I think, removes any previous formatting, such as italicizing of the journal name/volume and book title, so do that afterwards.

Success! Neophyte here, glad that I figured it out.