How i can import CSV file to table?

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How i can import CSV file to table? i dont yet have luck.


You would have to write a script for it. Scribus table support is really really bad, a table in Scribus is just a bunch of text frames.

The two common suggestions are:

1. Use tabs instead

2. Create the table in Open/Libre office and import is as EPS.


I going look it again if i found there somewhere EPS import! i found such a OpenOffice Draw when i put table to it. but i really dislike way which it discolours my table when i import it to Openoffice Draw. becouse i used hours (when i talk all tables and about 10-15 at least for one table and there is going be many tables...) to make them.and i use even special colouring which is not common for table but use what i want do this way is common and best possible i know becouse i done thing what i talk YEARs and see how others do it.


In libreoffice table colouring works maybe bit better but now i think what i earth exporting page with simple eps imported table takes really long. Ansver is maes bitmap form eps files and 300dpi is clearly faster than 1200dpi.


Importing them in vector format makes export clearly faster.