Print PNG Transparency Problems

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I am using PNG images with partial transparencies to try to create a document. They need to be partially transparent so that one will not overlap the other. No matter what I do one or the other always overlaps the other.

I am at the end of my rope with this. It looks perfect on screen, but absolutely will not print to a regular printer, or a pdf. The kicker is, it used to print properly and then I noticed on the second page it was having transparency issues. Changing the layers on that somehow made the first page not work. I think that the issue still exists on the second page, but it is not so transparent dependent.

I am using 1.4.2

Please help  :-[ I need these files to print in two days and have no alternative programs to use.


Since you have a critical deadline you could try merging your images in something like GIMP and then putting the merged image into Scribus, instead of trying to do everything in Scribus.

This would allow you to achieve your deadline while giving people time to look at your issue.

Obviously this depends on your exact needs and your proficiency with image manipulation software (GIMP etc.) of course.


I can not tell the exact problem, but maybe I can give some information that can help you pin it.

Scribus does not include a transparency flattener. This means that for transparency to work you need to:

1. Use a PDF version that supports transparency (1.4 or higher)
2. Print from a PDF viewer that can handle transparency (Adobe Reader is the recommended viewer to use, always)