Importing PDF or PS pics i want get them vector form not bitmap?

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Importing PDF or PS pics i want get them vector form not bitmap? expect maybe included photo. i want import Numbers (form iwork) spreadsheet products
to Scribus document. ps. i know how i can dont things other way but this is clear more comfy way which needs this. and non comfy way is i made these spreadsheet things directly with Scribus. where i it seems editing tables is not nice so slow and no search and replace and no quick way change cells colours,and line thickness etc. and my book idea is really full of tables.:) One solution is supersharp pics but they make big file and needs really huge amount pixels look good.


Problem is my document have bitmap image but when file is pure vector data i get file also in pure vector data. and this actually sounds accetable becouse
then single pdf or ps when i use it in document dont need own element for both parts (vector and bitmap parts).
ps. and i get solution i think for my problem which means i dont need now this feature with pdf or ps files which have bitmap elements. looks likely my idea is possible to my current tools Numbers,Gimp,Inkscape and Scribus.


In the PDF export dialog there is a checkbox to embed PS/PDF. If that is checked they will remain vector, if it is not checked they will be rasterized.

Note that when embedded they will (as far as I understand) not be color converted by color management, just embedded as is. That is why the feature is labeled experimental.