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I'm sorry I don't know what the english word is for this kind of layout, but I'd like to display all the pages of the same document, side by side, so I can see the whole document on one screen, like on these examples I've found on the web for other programs.

Is it possible - and how - with Scribus? Or can I only see two pages side by side, having to scroll up and down to browse and look at the whole document?

Thanks for your answer.

hi tosca

afaik this is not a display option of current scribus versions.
if you need it, you should file a feature request on


Thanks for your answer.
I've opened a feature request here : 11571

As a very basic work-around, in the short-term, you could try lowering the zoom to 10/20% and putting the Preview Mode on.

This isn't exactly what you want but it gives a reasonable overview of the document with less scrolling. It's not ideal but it's better than nothing.

That's what I've been doing from the beginning...
But when you have many pages (96 in my last photo book), you can only 'see' a small part of the whole document.

And on the other hand, I use a quite wide screen, and all the room on the right side is left unused (I work on a dual-screen system, so all the tools windows are usually displayed on the other screen)


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