Accessability Standards

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I'm wondering if there are any negatives with use of Scribus with respect to inability to export PDF files which conform to various standards for use by persons with visual impairments, including text to speech and so forth.  I'm rather uninformed about these matters.


As far as I know Scribus conforms to the PDF standards so any accessibility issues that may arise would probably be down to the PDF reader software someone is using. (Adobe PDF Reader is generally used as a measuring stick.)

A PDF file itself doesn't handle zooming, text to speech, or anything like that. In a nutshell, it just tells the reader software what its contents are and where each item is in relation to others. It's the reader software that determines how things are displayed etc.

If you have any specific area you think is going to be important to you someone may be able to help if you give more details.

P.S. The Preview mode of Scribus can be used to show potential problems with different types of colour blindness before a PDF is created.