Making a simple "picture frame" with line styles

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Sometimes you just want to put a simple frame around an image but, if your image fills the frame, just giving the frame an outline colour means that there isn't a gap between the image and the outline (see attached example A).

Sure, you can get around this by manually tweaking the size of the image in the frame so the image is smaller, but what if your frame has rounded corners? (See attached example B.)

Or you can put another frame around it and colour that frame's outline, but that's extra hassle if you've got lots of images.

So what else can you do?

Well, you can use line styles to quickly make an outline with a "gap".

* Use "Edit -> Styles..." to go to the "Style Manager".
* Then press "New" and select "Line Style" from the menu.
* Use the "Add New Line" button - it looks like a pencil with a plus sign - to add a new line.
* In the list of lines below the icon, select the first line, give it a width (of say 2pt) and give it a colour.
* Then select the second line in the list and give it a bigger width (say 8pt) and colour it white (or whatever your page background colour is).
* Name the style (e.g. "picture frame") and press "Done" and you've created a simple frame style. Close the "Style Manager" if you wish.

Now you can apply the new "picture frame style" to an image frame by simply  selecting the frame then using the "Line" section in the properties palette to select the "picture frame" style (see attached example C).

And that's it. It's a simple method of getting a simple picture frame that you can use over and over again with minimum hassle.

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I'm having trouble reproducing what you show. I select rounded join, the rounding for the first line is there, but much less so than you show and I don't see an adjustment for that. I get the wider white but no rounding on that and picture remains square corners.