How do I configure a text box to create new pages when I import large text files

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Dwight Worker

I am a newbie and so far, I really like what SCRIBUS does. (I only use open source) I am assembling a book that is mostly text, but with some photos. I have created my master pages and styles. I now want to import large text file for a chapter that might run 5-10 pages. I would like SCRIBUS to generate new pages in the document. In effect, I would like a variable length text box that expands as text arrives, and overflows into additional pages.
How can I do this?



I don't think you can get text boxes to automatically "expand" over new pages without setting the "Automatic Text Frames" option when you first create the document. Even using this option though, if you were to start again, you don't have much control over how the text boxes are created and would have to edit them to fit around images etc. anyway.

One thing you can do would be to use the "Page -> Copy..." function and manually link the text frames but this would lead to every page looking the same which, in my opinion, would lead to a fairly boring "reading experience". This depends on personal preferences and any "brief" that you might be working to of course.

So, unless anyone else has a better suggestion I'd suggest that, given you're only expecting 5-10 pages, you just create the needed text boxes manually. If you use Styles to get your text looking right all you'll need to do is draw the text frames and link them together. (It's really not that much extra work - around 30-60 mouse actions - compared to all the other editing you'll probably be doing. For instance, it's taken me longer to write this than it would take to draw and link 5-10 text boxes.)

I know this probably isn't the answer you were wanting.

Good luck with the book.

Dwight Worker