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Please help -- I got this message from Lightning Source regarding a PDF file for the interior of a book: "They have reviewed the files and found the file contains ICC profiles. Each press will/can interpret the ICC profile differently. ... resubmit it with no ICC profiles."

I do not understand how ICC profiles got embedded in the PDF. All images are 8-bit grayscale, color management is turned off, and I exported the file as PDF 1.3 / Grayscale. It's my understanding that this blocks the ICC profiles, per LSI instructions. But apparently I am wrong. Does anyone know how to solve this problem and satisfy the folks at LSI? They want interior files with no embedded ICC profiles.

Thank you for your assistance.

Larry E.


I am also looking to find the answer to the ICC problem here. I really do not want to have to purchase a computer with InDesign and Acrobat if Scribus can do the job.