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Hi All,

1st time to the forums....  ;)

I run a small local paper and would like to use Scribus instead of the horrible buggy Publisher ... to that end, I have some issues with importing material into Scribus.

We have a lot of advertising which is usually a box containing Graphics/art and text. What I have been doing to preserve the quality of the Ad is to export each Publisher page
as an .eps file (via a printer driver) and importing the page into Scribus so I can extract the Ad's ..

Mostly the pages import ok, but quite often the Graphic images get turned into thousands of vectors instead of being preserved as an embedded image ... and it slows Scribus to a crawl
i.e one page took an hour to import. Then, when it eventually imported I had to go through and delete the vectored images and replace with the bitmap version.

However after doing that to a full page of Ad's the resultant document is still very slow to save and work on .... is this because of the fact that every Text letter is turned into a vector?
I am afraid that when I have 20 pages of imported .eps objects Scribus will be un-useable ... (most pages will have 1/2 dozen ad's, not full page ad's  ..)

To get better performance ... am I having to go and replace each ad's text with proper text boxes/fonts ..... that's an aweful lot of work on 100 ad's ..

Any suggestions to reduce this work would be VERY  much appreciated ..

(By the way, I have tried other methods of importing, like turning .pdf pages into .svg files in Inkscape, but the result is less than satisfactory ..)


hi bernie

--- Quote from: bmentink on April 28, 2013, 10:02:35 pm ---…I have tried other methods of importing, like turning .pdf pages into .svg files in Inkscape…
--- End quote ---

have you tried to insert the .pdf files without any conversion?


Yes .. even worse results..  :(

Importing EPS straight into Scribus WILL turn things into Scribus native vectors. But I think you can also import EPS into an image frame (but then you can not edit the content).

hi bernie

files with lots of placed .pdf files should open much faster in future scribus versions.
see this feature request…



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