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I am french and i don't speak english very well, sorry.
can you help me with scribus?

i want to create a file with a database --> Mail merge, i think.
i want to use Mail merge with hyperlinks in order to create a document which will be published on Internet
i found scribusgenerator, but it don't work on OSX
And, i tested scribusgenerator with Linux, but it only work with .csv.
I would like to have hyperlinks which work. that's why, i want to use an another format (ex: xls)

Can you help me?



No reply ?

i am sorry.



Hi barnabu.

I recently started improving Scribus Generator for my needs.. and it does support dynamic links (via pdfannotation > external web url):

Don't hesitate to have a look if you are still interested, and get in touch if you need help, via