Has the function of the 'Is Locked' attribute changed?

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The Scribus Manual (for 1.4.2), and the Wiki, say in various places, "Is Locked will lock all characteristics of a frame, such as position, size, and contents.", but I can lock a text frame and still change the text, font, colours etc. The only things that seem to actually be locked are its position and size, but not its contents. Also, locked image frames allow the image to be changed and effects to be added.

From how it currently works, 'Is Locked' should mean: "Is Locked will lock the position and size of a frame, but not its contents.".

Is this a bug/feature or are the manual and Wiki both wrong? Or is it just my installation that's at fault? (I can't remember what it used to do prior to 1.4.2 so I'm not sure if it's always been like this.)


In the absence of a reply to my initial question I'll assume that none of the people who have read it so far have an answer - or wanted to answer - so I'd like to make a suggestion.

I think it could be more useful for the "Is Locked" attribute to be renamed as "Position is Locked". (The "Size is Locked" attribute could still perform the same function.)

Since setting this attribute doesn't stop the user changing the text, image, colour, line type, text flow - or anything else I've tried - calling it "Locked" is a potentially dangerous thing since most users (in my opinion) would expect something that is locked to be totally unchangeable.

A beginner would probably be confused - if not shocked - that "locking" something still allows that thing to be changed and they may think that Scribus is "broken" or unreliable - which is clearly not the case.

So, my suggestion is to have, essentially, one button/attribute for "Position is Locked" and another for "Size is Locked". I think this would make things simpler and more intuitive.

The icon would need to also be changed but someone can probably come up with something decent. (My own very basic and quick attempt is attached, left = position is locked, right = size is locked.)

In the future, the locking of other things such as line colour etc. could be effected by a separate "locking attribute + button" if and when they can be locked.

Does anyone have any problems with my suggestion?
Does anyone have a better suggestion?

Any thoughts anyone?

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