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Hello all,

I want to be able to take user input from a PDF form created in scribus and have that form text populate in a text field with other static text. Basically I am creating a background check form and would like to have the name from the form populate in a textbox when the form is printed. The text might go like this:

"I, _________ give the company authorization to perform a background and credit check"

then there would be a section later in the PDF that would be a form field so the user could input their name:

"First name: __________________"

Any ideas? Is this even possible? Am I crazt for event thinking this?


Hi @Lazo99, i'm an italian user...hope i can help you:
Open scribus

New Document

Single page (you can customize your PDF files as you like)


In the toolbar there is an icon OK, click the black arrow at the bottom of his right

Text Field

Click on a blank document and drag, the moment you see the red square and after creating the text field you can place it where you like.

To change the properties of the text field:
right-click on the field
Su X, Y, Z and enter the name Text1
Modify at will all the other parameters: shape, text, line, color.
When finished making changes click x

To change other parameters of the text field: right click field
Options pdf
Property fields.
On property fields can change the name (rename as Text1), size and contour line of the field.
Look up: I always choose no border, no width.
Finite changes click OK.
Make a copy of the text field with copying and pasting and again right click on the copy of the field
Options pdf
Property Fields
On name enter Text2
Click on Calculate
Custom Calculation Script
Modify and copy this code:

event.value = this.getField("Text1").value

save and exit.
Export the file in pdf format.
By completing the first field must be filled the other field.
Necessary condition for the text is repeated in other fields is that the reader pdf has javascript enabled and automatic calculation of the current field.

iIm sorry if this translation is imperfect, bye!!

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