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We all know in Scribus the many colour palettes we can choose, or even make our own ones. I used this last way once or twice as it allows much quicker working. Good typography does not consist in using many fonts (exceptions confirm this rule) and only a handfull of different cuts of a certain font family.
I find the system for the colour palettes very good and would like to discuss here a possible support to make such a request with the developpers.

The present situation (1.4.2) is not easy: When I open Fontview under Extras, I get a list of about 450 different entries (Dejavu has alone 21 of them) and not yet all needed ones installed. If I want to use really six different cuts of a sans serif and perhaps an antiqua normal and italic, I would like to make a project font palette of these 8 entries. That would be the ideal, to make that same procedure like the colour palette creation and be able to use it in different projects. Ideal for using so called Company-Fonts. Now, however, I have to untick in Fontview all fonts, except the ones I want. Now imagine that work, if one has about 2000 fonts installed.

I could do for a quick intermediate solution the possibility to untick ALL Fonts by clicking on a button and then reklick eacht font I need. However, as this info is stored in the project information I cannot use it in another poject. So this should be just a temporary solution, until the Full Font Monty is ready.

What do YOU think about my idea?

hi arran

* the idea of a font management inside scribus is good.
* in my scribus properties something around sixty cuts are active by default. (four different font families and some special character collections like 'symbol'). when i need another font, i activate it in 'file' → 'document setup' → 'fonts' – this works good for me. (but improvements are welcome…)
* this selection works for the 'style manager', the 'story editor' and the 'proprties' window. unfortunately it doesn't affect the 'font preview'. (as i know my fonts, i almost never use 'font preview'…)
* as a quick improvement a 'deselect all' button in 'file' → 'document setup' → 'fonts' would do. (or separate 'select all' and 'deselect all' buttons for 'use font', 'embed in postscript' and 'subset'…)
* fonts deselected in 'document setup' shouldn't appear anywhere else than in the setup window itself. (looks like a bug, but i may only miss the good reason…)utnik


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