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shadows with picture frame

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Yes, good point, Utnik. I didn't think it through. Any frame can be shadowed, which makes it quite versatile. Here's some more examples.

....and once you start thinking about it, why stop at frames? Here's some text.

Don't forget that Scribus already has an in-built function for putting drop shadows on text. It's in the Text section of the Properties dialog.

Ahhhhhhhh ..... I had forgotten. Thanks. I really should think before I write.
However, ignoring my own advice, can Scribus text drop shadow do this?
[see attached pic]
Then to answer my own question, "Yes, Scribus DID do that". I created black text with red shadow, copied it then changed the colours to orange text with yellow shadow, etc, etc, and offset them on top of each other.
.......  OK, I'll get my coat.

Or… you could create the initial text in one frame, then use "Item -> Multiple Duplicate" to create many copies of the frame with a small vertical and horizontal offset, then colour the text in each frame differently. But your way is perfectly valid and uses fewer text frames. Horses for courses.


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