Automatic page references?

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Is there any way in scribus to create an automatic, dynamic reference to the page a certain object is on?

For example, I want to put together a document that will rely heavily on references to different parts of the document, and was hoping there was some way to automatically create a reference to whatever page the desired object is on, instead of doing all the references manually.

Does this make sense? Is it a current scribus function? If not, could it be added, somehow linked to objects, like some sort of "object page reference" or something?


Scribus does not yet include such a feature. It's on the roadmap though.


I'd love to see something like this -
- for Table of Content generation (with reference to Headers or Sections, most likely; even better if it could be generated across multiple documents for example a series of newsletters or chapters of a larger book)

- for indexing
(search for term, create list of links to selected occurrances of that term where the link shows the current page number where it appears.  Especially with functions like 'search text' and 'display all,' 'display Headers Only', 'select manually for display', and 'search graphics (captions and object names;' 'display graphics in _italics_' (adjustable style).

- for text that refers to a diagram or footnote that gets 'orphaned' due to text flow spacing

- for cross-referencing and clickable links - e.g. to an article that gets cut off in a magazine by an ad.  The text might say 'Read more on p.3'; e-readers want to click 'read more' instead of manually scrolling down to p.3. But print versions will need the page number.

Please let us know if there are any other resources for this kind of internal referencing - whether with live page numbers or not.  I'm not having a lot of luck sorting through the Wiki or here.

Although I did start out tonight not even knowing if it was possible to make live links in PDFs with Scribus.  So I'm pretty excited at how far I've come.