Using a custom font for fields in forms

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Okay, I'll be brief, hoping someone can help out here...

Problem: Using custom fonts in fillable fields (that the user may or may not have on their local or home computer) on certificates / forms.

My thoughts: Is there a script I can implement that would update a field at time of print to an embedded style (which would include a font)? Maybe some sort of functionality within the certificate that the user could submit the fields required and hit "print certificate" which saves a new PDF? (The latter is a total spit ball... Note, my programming knowledge is not extensive here).

Background: I'm a one man shop servicing a large geographically area with roughly 250 smaller offices (it's a youth organization with small local youth groups and remote organizational offices that offer support to local area groups). We have internal certificates for various milestones (accomplishment certificates for the youth, employer appreciation, leader appreciation and other awards) that I'm usually slammed with providing support to (everything from design, local print, mailout, etc.) I regularly fall behind on this, because it is not a primary task. I'd really like to get to a place where I'm simply updating 5 templates (with our brand fonts) that still look exceptional when locally printed. I want to get these folks to the point where they can walk into Kinkos, or Staples, or their local school / office and print off certificates. As you can see, I'm using an open source solution for PDF creation... I don't need to tell you how cost saving a solution here would be (ain't cheap to mail these things to hells creation and back).

Any help would be grand.


As far as I understand, en feature of using a custom font in form fields depends on the PDF Viewer used.

And the ability to save a PDF from a PDF is as far as I know not available.

I think your best solution would be to create a web page with a form, that is processed into a downloadable PDF. However I am afraid Scribus would not be the best tool for that.


Ugh. I had assumed (regarding the save feature)...

Custom Font viewing, yes (but as an enterprise we communicate using the latest version of Adobe Reader so we should be okay here). My question would be how do I include a font in the field that is not in the default list?