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I wanted to help a new user with his question and found the page.

There is quite at the beginning an omission, in that if one creates a new table, set up the colums and  rows, the hint to degroup in all cases is not implicitly described.

If I knew how, I would have changed it, but as I do not know this, please can you tell me who would do this? I think this is an important info.

I have no clue if in older version of Scribus this degrouping was not mandatory, but since the versions 4.2.x it is.

no degrouping needed for 1.4.x

please have a look at the F1 documentation to find the one that is up to date :-)



Thanks for your response. I found in the meantime, that with clicking CTRL+click or double click not with ALT works.

However, I have installed the Scribus Help from the repos, but when I choose F1 I get a response of ┬źNo Help installed┬╗. (Kubuntu 12.10, two ppas: and Any idea?


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