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Ah yes, Inkscape.  I hadn't payed enough attention to what I was doing until can see how inexperienced I am with graphics!  I started with a blank document in Scribus (for testing), exported it as an SVG, and then when I opened it backup up, it did in fact open with Inkscape.  I missed that and thought I was still working in Scribus.

Unfortunately, the 72dpi version provided by Arran prints out the same low quality as one I've been able to generate.  I like the idea of removing the text and only using the CIS portion which could then be enlarged to fill the 180x180 more completely.  That should make the pixelation somewhat less noticeable.

And utnik, I completely agree about the queer dimensions!  I much prefer metric as well.  And yes, my billing software definitely needs a face lift in terms of graphics support!

When I have more time, I'll play around with the xcf versions.



Thanks everyone for your input!

I finally had a chance to try out these version, but alas, I'm no further ahead.  These print out the same as when I convert them to similar dimensions and resolutions.

I think it's time to hire a new graphic design company as I've spent way too much time on this, and I'm clearly not even a novice at graphics.  All I'm doing is wasting everyone's time, including mine!



Well, the problem might be that you can not get better quality at 180x180 pixels. That IS a very low resolution.


--- Quote from: nwcon on February 15, 2013, 02:37:21 am ---I think it's time to hire a new graphic design company as I've spent way too much time on this, and I'm clearly not even a novice at graphics.
--- End quote ---

Hi Mike.
Yes, I agree. But also a more efficient Hard-and Software in your computer. As we have seen in the thread there is also a problem with the specs of your equipment.

Dear Mike!

is this matter still on your table? I just saw this and I also saw how the others tried to help you.

As Nermander already mentioned, this has nothing to do with Scribus. It´s also not possible to convert your picture with the common tools into something which would look somewhat acceptable on your bills sheets.

Because you mentioned that you need this picture for your bills only, it´s somehow pity that all efforts are for nothing now.

The only way here is to recreate your logo slightly, so that it would be nice even with 180px. It is the same like with the fonts on your computer: If they are too small, they become unreadable. But if you change the font to a special pixel font, it is perfectly readable.

Let me know if you still need this pic on your bills. Before you buy a completely new billing system for several hundred bucks, I may find one or two hours to give your logo the right look. Of cause I will do it for free, so you won´t loose anything if the result is not what you want, but it may take some days or weeks as I am actually busy with my own things.


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