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I'm hoping someone here might offer some technical advice for my problem.

We hired a graphic designer to create a logo, and for one purpose, we need it resized to no larger than 180x180 pixels, jpg or png only.  We have an SVG of the original Adobe Illustrator file, but even after reading and trying many different techniques, we (the graphic designer and myself) can't seem to generate a png that's acceptable.  It's simply too pixelated.

I'm not sure if my expectation is realistic (or not), but I can print a 32x32 icon that looks WAY better than our logo.  Printing the logo is how I check to see if the quality is acceptable.

I'm not a graphics person, but I've read and tried so many different things to no avail, I decided to try and ask for help here.  I've attached the SVG version of our logo .  I'd sure appreciate any feedback anyone might be able to offer in generating a png or jpg at a max width of 180 pixels.

I'm working under Debian Squeeze with Scribus



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hi mike

what's the purpose of this small image?
if it's for the internet, then you should check it on screen.

when you print it less than one inch wide, it should be ok. for larger outputs, the file is really too small.


* as a logo i would like to have something that works on different background colors and in small scales…
* scribus is a bit outdated. you should work with 1.4.2.i just exported 180px .png from inkscape. as expected, it's small – but acceptable for the screen…


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Hello Mike

I am a bit puzzled about your 180 px. As far as I know Pixels do not exist in Scribus. You should only use the measurement systems that are on offer. Scribus is basically a programm for producing printed matter, however, that can be presented on the sscreens too. So, it is either the metric system of mm, cm, meters, or the typographical of points, ciceros etc., possibly also the imperial- and/or US-inches.

Pixels are a relative size, they depend on your hardware. If you have an old Screen, you have probably a resolution of 60 to 70 Pixels per inch, if you have a modern monitor, this is around 100 ppi. So your 180 px look on an old screen much bigger, than on a newer monitor. On my Monitor, 180 px equals 45.77 mm (17/8th UK inches). Same iI got in Print with my printer.

So, in my opinion, your problem lies more in mixing two things which can not be mixed. Measure our the necessary width you need in mm's, cm's or whatever measurement you use and finds its analoies in Scribus.

Thanks for your replies.

Purpose of logo: currently, I need to add this logo to our invoices, statements and other printed material from our billing software.  The problem is our billing software will only accept a png or jpg with max dimensions of 180x180 pixels, and our billing software creates PDF invoices that can either be emailed or printed.  I've already contacted the vendor or our billing system to ask for SVG support, but they denied that request.  I believe our billing system is making an assumption the logo's resolution is 72 ppi because if I use a png at 180x180px @ 150ppi, it prints exactly the same as one at 72ppi.

Ultimately, I need to be able to use this logo in printed material, but we are limited by what our billing software will accept, and thus we need a png or jpg.

One thing I should clarify around the 180x180 dimensions is this equates to 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches on a printed invoice.  That's ultimately the width this logo needs to be printed at. 



I don't get what this has to do with Scribus? If you have a SVG, open in Inkscape and export to a bitmap that is 180x180 pixels. You might need to set some antialiasing opitions to get rid of the pixelized look.


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