Times new roman font not embedding for mybook

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I need help asap.  I have finished formatting a book using scribus, 424 pages.  I am trying to send the pdf to the commercial printer for printing.
All the fonts I used are embedded except for Times New Roman which is the main font for the story.  When I go to export as PDF the pop up screen
"Save as PDF" comes up when I go to the fonts tab I can embed all the fonts except Times New Roman.  When I try to transfer from the box available fonts
to embedded fonts it puts in the Fonts to Outline box.

Why is that?  My printer is telling me that all my fonts are embedded with the exception of the Times New Roman.  I really don't know how to fix this and
the book cannot be printed without the embedding.

Thanks for your help,


hi mary

go to 'file' → 'document setup' → 'fonts' and take a look at the check boxes of 'times new roman' – 'embed in postscript' should be checked (and 'subset' unchecked for the main font...)



Some types of fonts can not be embedded but will need to be outlined. In this case it only means the font is converted to another type of font.

From an older post on the topic:

QuoteIf otf font use TrueType outlines, we can embed the font as TrueType because getting a TrueType font from such a font is straightforward and such font is supported by pdf <= 1.5. If otf font use PostScript outlines, then we have no choice, the font *cannot* be embedded as is, that's pdf specs. For mathematical reasons otf fonts with PostScript outlines cannot be converted to TrueType with sufficient reliability and guarantee of quality. In general case those fonts cannot be converted as a Type1 font either, because of limitation in the number of glyphs a type1 font can contain. Consequence : otf fonts with PostScript outlines have to be subsetted. We convert such fonts as Type3 subsets. Direct consequence : for those fonts, embedding font as a whole or subsetting them cannot be a user choice either.

Note that subsetting or converting to outlines should not affect the possibility to print the file, it will only affect the ability to make last minute changes to the PDF (but that should not be necessary today when a new PDF can be created very fast).