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We are currently evaluating PDF tools.
We want to automate the following workflow (which is Merging PDF files together).

We have a cover page in PDF and we want to append one or multiple PDF files.
The PDF files to be append can be appended in two different ways:
a) Simple way, just append the PDF to the cover page PDF or
b) Append the PDF with a border (header, footer and a logo) for every pages of the that PDF. The border can be different depending on the PDF page format (could be portrait, landscape, size A/B, ...) At the end of the append process, in the result file cover page, we need to put the number of pages in the PDF document.

We want to know if we can use this tool can process this workflow in Windows (by VBA COM interface or via scripts)?



The sounds like a task for Multivalent, pdftk, jPDFtweak and similar tools.

It is not a task for Scribus.